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FCB Impact 361º gives Klipdrift a home on the web

The Cape Town office of FCB Impact 361º, the experiential marketing specialist with exceptional design and web skills within the FCB South Africa group, has given Klipdrift a home on the internet.
FCB Impact 361º gives Klipdrift a home on the web
FCB Impact 361º gives Klipdrift a home on the web
The site,, will eventually contain 'mini sites' for all four products in the range - Klippies & Cola, Klipdrift Gold, Klipdrift Premium and Klipdrift Export. The landing page follows the style and tone of Klipdrift Export's print advertising: it features just a few lines on a cream background, and a Yellowwood drinks cabinet where the graphic in the print execution would have been placed.

Entry is through the brandy cabinet. In the current version, there are vignettes of Klippies & Cola, Klipdrift Gold and Klipdrift Premium, but clicking on the Klipdrift Export icon immediately takes the visitor to its highly interactive and long awaited home.

Here the style and visuals echo that of the brand's most popular television ad to date, 'Friendly Frikkie'. There's a house with a wide porch, 'broekies' lace, a dog by the front door and a cat curled up in the hammock. A Boeing flies over the roof harking back to the old tradition of only having your first drink when 'the plane flies over'. A note 'stuck' to the front gate reiterates the Klipdrift Export pay-off line and invites you to 'Make yourself at home'.

'Inside', the house has been decorated - tastefully - with Klipdrift icons and memorabilia: visuals from the print ads find their place as art on the walls, there's the iconic grandfather clock and the postcards on the fridge are of the many very clever one-liners from the advertising or Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees campaigns, for example.

There are also many interactive elements - the cat 'Klippies' purrs when the mouse icon brushes over her; when you enter the kitchen you must fill the dog Cola's bowl by clicking on it; the cook book on the table contains printable recipes for cooking with Klipdrift; and, alluding to Klipdrift Export's sponsorship support for cultural events such as the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees , clicking on the reading glasses or laptop in the bedroom takes the visitor to a poetry site, Viral functionality allows you to send one of the post cards on to a friend.

Klipdrift brand manager, Sacha du Plessis, said he is delighted with the site: "FCB Impact 361º was briefed to develop a site that would host the family of Klipdrift brands so the 'brandy cabinet' concept is spot on.

"However, as logical a choice print executions are for many web sites and much as the public loves the clean, clever style associated with the brand's campaigns, the style was just not suitable for the 'home' Klipdrift lovers have been asking for. The decision to reproduce the home Friendly Frikkie and his wife would share was the right one, and I have watched the 'clues' taken from the TV ad morph into what we have today.

"I think Klipdrift fans will really appreciate the fact that they can download the adverts, save them as wallpaper for their cell phones, email their friends the post cards and - in the not too distant future - even buy branded apparel from an online shop.

"My team and I are most excited by the fact that the site will evolve and that new elements will constantly be incorporated in a manner that is as natural as enjoying a glass of Klipdrift on the porch after a hot, hard day's work.

"For example, the site today features a shooting game accessed by clicking on the catty on the porch but a future version might include a link to an online chess site that visitors can access by clicking the chess set also on the porch.

"FCB Cape Town has worked hard with Distell to revitalise the Klipdrift brand and this web site goes a long way to continuing that process while enhancing the customer's relationship with the brand," said Du Plessis.

The web site was launched to Klipdrift fans using a viral SMS campaign and the 50 000 unique entries gleaned from Klipdrift Export's 'Double on the Rocks' brand promotion earlier this year.

Editorial contact
C-Cubed Communications
Petra Peacock
(011) 794-4665

25 Aug 2006 14:41


Some observations-
If this is an FCB/Impact/361-whatever development, why is Prezence ( the author as suggested by the site's meta data? Also, the site makes bad use of frames (as if frames alone aren't bad enough) which is typical of Prezence. Whoo-ahhh, can of worms right there. That aside, Flash-only web sites serve a purpose, but these days building your brand online involves much more than putting up a "flashy"/"interactive" experience with no return-visit potential, and serving up the same old boring downloads hidden behind a mystery map navigation, which is what I'd think most agencies that claim to have any online marketing experience would have learnt by now. This concept might have worked a few years ago but it's just tired and boring now, sorry. "Download our ads", "put our wallpapers on your phone", blah blah blah - who cares? And either way, I clicked around the site for a good few minutes and couldn't even find these things? If I wanted to spend my time navigating with maps I'd traverse the Atlantic or something, not visit*. If you think I'm mistaken, and that I should have read the "p.s. Click on the bottle top for map" note, then you're kidding yourself - because I didn't, and nobody else will, guaranteed. Navigation of a website involves intuition, simplicity and implementing common practices based on previous experiences, among other things. Your visitors shouldn't have to read and then teach themselves how to navigate your unique site. Furthermore, I only realised after discovering the "mystery map navigation", that a menu exists below the Klipdrift logo right at the bottom, which you have to mouse over to reveal. No good. "There are also many interactive elements - the cat 'Klippies' purrs when the mouse icon brushes over her; when you enter the kitchen you must fill the dog Cola's bowl by clicking on it" - are you serious? And you need to be over 18 to do this? There's no distinction between which items that you can mouseover are active links (ie. clicking them will actually take you somewhere) and those that are just arbitrary notes. I tried sending an image from the gallery as a "card". I filled in the two e-mail address fields (is using names too personal for Klipdrift?) and clicked 'send'. A blank page launched in a new browser window, with the following URL - There's Prezence again. Ah, so no confirmation that my e-mail has been delivered either, just a new browser window that completely breaks my web browsing experience, forcing me to close it so I can continue on the Klipdrift site? Despite it's great content, this new site is a horrible failure in so many ways. The execution thereof just about breaks every usability and accessibility best practice that I can think of, and leaves much to be desired. Regards, Damien ( --- * Sorry, I meant, because it doesn't resolve without the "www" subdomain which takes all of 1 minute to configure.
Posted on 28 Aug 2006 00:16
mr n.parker
different strokes for different folks-
firstly i must admit, its a really really amazing site, so well done to fcb and presenze... secondly i completely disagree with "coda"... but everyone for himself... its great to see that a brand like klipdrift has taken on such an innovative web presence... well done to the client and agency... easy to navigate, probably not that easy, BUT thats what makes it so great...old fashioned window frames.. its not the format but whats inside the format, i believe its no use trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather finding amazing channels to use within that medium and this site definately has it. well done, looking forward in going back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back back and back ...
Posted on 29 Aug 2006 13:45