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Sappi - providing exciting careers for engineers

Sappi has launched an exciting campaign to encourage skilled engineers and production specialists to join its growing team, to help reach its objectives of pursuing a circular economy. Besides a number of current vacancies in various fields, the company is also building up a database of talent for apportionments into the future. To express your interest in the programme, you can click here for engineering positions or here for production positions.
Sappi - providing exciting careers for engineers

“As a company that exists to build a thriving world by unlocking the power of renewable resources, Sappi is always on the lookout for technical skills that will help achieve this goal,” says James Manana, GM HR Operations for Sappi Southern Africa. “So, in a world where we are all looking for natural, sustainable alternatives to those that are depleting our planet’s resources, it is both challenging, but also hugely rewarding for the innovative forward-thinking individuals that work in this environment, to succeed in extracting the wonders of nature’s own engineering and putting it to use in the real world."

With its mills situated in the beautiful provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, Sappi’s employees have the best of both worlds – proudly working for a global company that has placed sustainability at its very core, and also being able to savour some of the best lifestyle opportunities the country has to offer; whether enjoying the scenic beauty of the KZN coastline or the magic of the Lowveld and the adjacent Kruger National Park.

Technical Innovation

At Sappi a high premium is placed on technical innovation, providing a fertile platform for innovative and collaborative teamwork. This is acknowledged each year in the company’s Technical Innovation Awards (TIA) which celebrates innovation, encourages partnerships that enhance the company’s product offerings, accelerate its advancement in its journey towards sustainability, and contribute to the company’s bottom line by improving its productivity and efficiency.

“For engineers and technical people that love challenges and the opportunity to innovate and use their problem-solving skills, the Sappi environment encourages this through global awards like these, which are now in their 22nd year”, says Manana.

Engineers in Training

With engineering being a critical skill on a global scale, and in line with our commitment to nurture young talent, Sappi has also created the Engineer in Training (EIT) programme to inspire and train young graduates from different academic streams such as BSc Electrical Engineering, BSc Chemical Engineering, and BSc Mechanical Engineering.

Graduates who enrol in the programme, are extensively coached by expert mentors and receive technical and mill-specific training for a period of about two years. During this time, care is taken to rotate the roles and functions of participants to allow them the full spectrum of what the engineering side of the business has to offer.

12 Apr 2022 12:07