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10 Years of Creating Positive Change

Shanduka Foundation celebrated its 10-year anniversary at an event attended by over 300 guests, including staff, beneficiaries, investors, media and the Chairman of Shanduka Foundation and Deputy President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa.
Change Agent was a key collaborator with Shanduka Foundation in creating a successful and inspiring evening through the creation of an exhibition, short film and book to mark the event and theme of the evening, 'Shanduka Foundation: 10 Years of Creating Positive Change'.

Shanduka Foundation's choice of Change Agent as its communications and branding agency is fortuitous as both entities advocate positive social change and aim to inspire change agents in communities and organisations. Shanduka itself is the Venda word for 'change' and the Foundation focuses on small business development, skills development and education.

Over the course of two months Change Agent travelled the country seeking out inspiring stories of passionate change agents, from organisations under Shanduka Foundation such as Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust, Shanduka Black Umbrellas and Adopt-a-School Foundation.

Through interviews, filming and photography Change Agent documented the very real impacts that Shanduka Foundation has on its many thousands of beneficiaries: school children, students, entrepreneurs and job seekers.

"We have the most committed people working for us; we form partnerships that are lasting and meaningful. People join us as a family. We make a difference, we try to make an impact wherever we go, and we change lives." - Donné Nicol (Executive Director, Shanduka Foundation)

Change Agent was inspired by Shanduka Foundation, its staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries, making the task of completing the book, short film and exhibition in only six weeks an inspirational experience for all involved.

The culmination of the project, the 10-year celebration event, was a resounding success, with moving speeches by the leaders of the Foundation and pledges of continued support on the night from donors and stakeholders.

All who attended were moved by seeing the story of the last 10 years put together in such a compelling and extraordinary way in the book, short film and exhibition. Notably, Ramaphosa commended Change Agent on their creativity and diligence in making the book and film a defining moment of Shanduka Foundation's Anniversary celebration.

The Change Agent
The Change Agent aims to bridge the gap between those who are cognisant of the interconnected social and environmental problems humanity is facing, and those who aren't, by creating communication that inspires, educates and creates movements that inspire new Change Agents in organisations and communities.

The Shanduka Foundation
Shanduka Foundation leverages partnerships in corporate social investment with a strategic focus on the areas of education and small black business development. The Foundation works with the public sector, government, best practice NGOs, small community businesses, volunteer groups and corporate South Africa to make a sustainable and meaningful impact on schools, students, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Deon Robbertze - Change Agent

6 Oct 2014 11:32