thirtyfour and Redd's set to get millions talking with a massive airtime giveaway!

The groundbreaking Redd's Get Chatting promotion with over R25 million airtime up for grabs began at the beginning of April. And the best part of all? Entry via cellphone is absolutely FREE for consumers - a revolutionary first in SA!
thirtyfour and Redd's set to get millions talking with a massive airtime giveaway!
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How does it work?
Consumers purchase either a 660ml or 340ml specially branded promotional bottle of Redd's. They open the bottle and send in the PHOLA code found under the crown. A reply message instantly confirms if their bottle of Redd's contains free airtime.

There are over three million chances to win and free airtime is available to all Cell C, MTN and Vodacom prepaid subscribers. Free airtime is sent directly to the handset and available immediately for consumers to PHOLA with!

Brilliant simplicity
“We are really excited about the Redd's promotion because we believe this is one of the most exciting promotional mechanics to date!” says Morne Fourie, MD of thirtyfour. “We are talking to consumers in a way they are familiar with, using a currency they are familiar with. This is something we have been working on for a while and believe it has the capacity to change the face of promotional entry mechanics in this country. To be able to promise over R25 million in airtime on a brand this size is simply phenomenal!”

Morne Fourie, MD of thirtyfour
Morne Fourie, MD of thirtyfour
“thirtyfour managed to negotiate special test permission to use the cellular networks' USSD platform for this promotion” Fourie explains. “By not using conventional SMSes but rather a specially developed USSD interface (similar in use to when consumers recharge their cellphones), we were able to structure the promotion in a completely different way. The potential airtime giveaway and all the handling costs are covered by Fixed Fee insurance and the delivery mechanism and technology back-end was developed through a partnership with Paym8.”

With over 16 million promotional bottles out in the trade, over 30 000 participating outlets and a call-to-action TV spot in support, sales over the period promise to be exceptional. Lauren van Wyk, Executive Brand Manger for REDD'S explains, “When thirtyfour first presented this concept to us, we thought it was too good to be true. It is a perfect brand fit using airtime as a reward currency on a brand such as Redd's, where it is all about real people connecting in real ways and bringing them together to PHOLA. It is brilliantly simple yet ensures a strong sales drive and to make it even better, entry is free for Redd's consumers!”

The promotion runs from 02 April - 05 July 2009. It is rewriting the record books with nearly 4 of the 14 weeks of the promotion completed and already more than 2.3 million entries! Redd's consumer responses promise to run into many more millions before the last winner is instantly rewarded with airtime. So don't forget to PHOLA with Redd's and you could be a winner.

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and brutally simple. nice one.
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love it-
keep them coming
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