34° to launch specialist VR and AR technology solutions division, 34i

34° is launching a specialist division, 34i, dedicated not only to the discovery, development and implementation of innovative creative technology solutions in the retail environment, but to how they are woven into broader brand strategy.
34° to launch specialist VR and AR technology solutions division, 34i

Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two of the biggest brand advertising trends that we are going to see over the next year. According to a recent Creative Group poll* in the US, VR and AR are in the top five trends that will play a key role in the marketing strategies of 400 advertising and marketing execs over the next year.

However, we believe that simply engaging in these technologies is not enough for advertisers. It’s about how these new platforms advance the story that the brand is trying to tell, and how they engage with consumers in a way that drives marketing objectives.

And we certainly believe that we’re going to see far more retailers and brands embracing this immersive technology in diverse areas beyond experiential events, activations, product launches, consumer products and packaging.

34i aims to drive innovation and push experience marketing to a whole new frontier in South Africa and outwards into Africa. 34i has been developing and implementing creative tech solutions with overseas partners and now believe it’s time to step it up in South Africa.

Grant Hillary, 34° MD commented: “We know all too well that technology is developing at an exponential rate. Our ultimate objective with 34i is not just to get more people engaging with and sharing the experiences we create – but ensuring in true 34° degree style that they drive brand ROI. It’s exciting to see how creative technologies are helping to achieve that.”

The launch of 34i is bolstered by the recent acquisition of digital agency Brand In Motion who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering digital experiences. Brand in Motion MD Damian Hardy brings his technical and marketing expertise to the role of 34i lead. “It’s a great opportunity to be part of an agency blazing the trail in creatively integrating technology with experiential events and into the heartland of brand communications. It was impossible to turn down the opportunity of delivering cross market campaigns that deliver memorable experiences and ROI through digital solutions.” says Hardy.


31 Oct 2017 10:00