34 saving indigenous forests one braai at a time with Castle Lager

As South Africa's original beer, Castle Lager is dedicated to all things local. So when something as important as the country's indigenous plant life being threatened by invasive alien plants came to their attention, the brand was keen to act.
Kameeldoring, black wattle and rooikrans are three of the most invasive alien plants in SA. But they also make great braai wood and Castle Lager saw an opportunity to sell more smartly and leverage their existing connection with SA's passion for braaing.

Each invasive species poses a different threat. So we brought our hard-hitting facts together by laser engraving our conservation message onto each offending log and invited everyone to pick it up and read before they threw them onto the fire for a good cause.

"Our bundles of braai wood became the major drawcard, they drove engagement for an in-store activation which pushed sales," stated 34's CD, Geraint Gronow. "The messaging was simple - buy a case of Castle Lager and save our indigenous forests one braai at a time. Everyone who bought a case of Castle Lager during our activation can now call themselves patriotic conservationists."

27 Jun 2014 12:19


Richard Gee
Richard Gee
Great idea
Posted on 27 Jun 2014 15:13