Careers24 releases job application and recruitment stats per sector for the last year

The South African employment landscape has shown some promising signs of growth in the last year with insights emerging from one of South Africa's leading jobs portal, Careers24 listing the sports industry as showing the highest growth in applications by sector and information technology as the highest recruitment sector.
The sports industry data reflected a 127% increase in applications, with an 87% increase in applications to the environmental sector, followed by an increase of 82% in the health and safety industry.

“The strong showing of environmental and health and safety related applications are likely as a result of increasingly tighter legislation governing industries on the one hand and a growing infrastructure and construction industry on the other," according to Shaun Clarke of Careers24. He continues, “Also making it into the Top 5 was fashion at 81% and government and parastatal positions with a growth of 69%.”

The burgeoning need for programme developers and engineers continues to dominate the South African employment landscape, with Information Technology (IT) posting the highest number of vacancies. Also showing a high rate of vacancies is the financial sector which, in the throes of significant digital disruption, is clamouring to reinvent itself and attract new entrants to the industry.

Coming in third was sales related vacancies which traditionally struggles to find suitably qualified and experienced employees, especially in a world where customer experience is emerging as a major indicator of value and sales staff are at the coal-face of these interactions.

Sectors showing the highest percentage of vacancies by volume increase

A strong growth in the number of financial industry jobs can be attributed to the industry ‘opening up’ to many new service providers as technology continues to unlock new opportunities through applications and technical solutions. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Finance industry posted the highest percentage of vacancies of all industries with the related Insurance industry, facing similar disruption, coming in second. A strong performance by the retail industry over the last year has ensured its continued growth and with it a need for more staff.

The information used to compile the Careers24 statistics was extracted from verifiable analytics tools, tracking both job hunting and job advertising activities over a 12 month period running from July 2017 to July 2018

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4 Sep 2018 15:51