Recruitment trends show IT/tech as massive growth sector

The IT, tech and telecoms sectors have shown robust growth despite the economic downturn. Careers24's second quarter stats show a massive 154% year-on-year increase in jobs posted for these sectors.
The IT, tech and telecoms sectors were also responsible for 32% of all jobs posted on the site during the second quarter of this year. Interestingly, the stats also show a 30% decline in applications for jobs in this sector, meaning that candidates are being more selective due to the increase in available jobs. This will put pressure on companies working in this space to make themselves more appealing to the candidates through strategic employer branding and a keen understanding of what candidates are looking for in the workplace.

The job movement in the manufacturing and trade sector (which is often the cornerstone of an economy) is more reflective of the current recession with a 29% decline in job postings.

Other significant trends were:
  • 125% increase in job postings in the government and parastatal sectors, which was met with a 75% decrease in applicants per job; again showing that candidates could be selective.
  • Engineering remained steady with a 1% increase in job postings and the candidates were eager to apply with an average of over 22 applicants per posting.
  • Banking and insurance showed good growth with a 30% increase in posts.
  • Finance and accounting also remained fairly steady with a marginal 2% increase in posts.
  • The most buoyant sector was office, admin and call centre, which showed a high above average of 88 applicants per job post.
The data is based on usage patterns of both recruiters sourcing candidates and candidates who apply for positions on the platform.

Overall there was a 16% growth in job postings on the portal in the last quarter which is positive. The average number of applicants per job post overall was 27, showing that recruitment is still highly competitive for applicants.

Careers24 was recently named the biggest* career site in South Africa by Effective Measure. The platform has over 1.4 million monthly unique browsers, surpassing their nearest competitor by over 270,000 unique browsers.

*Websites tagged with the Effective Measure tracking codes as measured by unique browsers on both PC and mobile between 1 January and 30 June 2017.

25 Jul 2017 11:14