Careers24 now zero-rated through Vodacom NXT LVL

Careers24 in partnership with Vodacom are removing the cost burden of accessing employment opportunities online with the launch of the NXT LVL zero-rated career website. The zero-rated website enables jobseekers to browse job sites, upload their CVs and apply for available positions free of charge when accessing Careers24 as well as other Vodacom partner career sites.
“Our current mobile statistics show us that 900,000 jobseekers access the Careers24 mobi-site per month,” says Marc Privett, General Manager of Careers24. “This makes the launch of Vodacom’s NXT LVL product so relevant. While the product is available to Vodacom subscribers via both desktop and mobile, this initiative is of huge value to Careers24 jobseekers who search for jobs on our mobile site.”

According to the latest Careers24 recruitment trends report, there has been a significant increase in the number of online recruits when compared to the previous 12 months. “This trend indicates a buoyant job market in spite of economic downturn fears,” says Privett. “We wish to further empower jobseekers by publicising the NXT LVL channel to create awareness of the thousands of recruitment opportunities on Careers24.”

Vodacom Chief Officer, Consumer Sales and Distribution, Jorge Mendes, agrees: “By introducing this platform, Vodacom is aiming to put the power back into the hands of our customers and in turn make a meaningful contribution in addressing unemployment. From here onwards, jobseekers on the Vodacom network will be able to go on the internet to look for jobs free of charge.”

According to Stats SA’s Youth Labour Market report (Q1: 2008–Q1: 2015), of the approximately 19.7 million working-age youth (15 to 34 years), 9.8 million were not economically active. 6.2 million were employed, and 3.6 million were unemployed. According to the report, "over the period 2008–2015, key labour market rates deteriorated by a larger margin among youth compared with adults, and the frustration of not finding employment has led many young people to become discouraged and exit the labour force altogether."

“We have thousands of graduates and young jobseekers registering with Careers24 per month and we hope that this initiative will reap rewards for both jobseekers and recruiters in the South African employment arena,” concludes Privett.

All jobseekers need to do to register is dial *111*128# and NXT LVL will provide affordable products such as data-centric bundles. To access the site, customers must log on to, click on Services, then on NXT LVL Careers.

21 Jun 2016 13:08