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Taking the distance window for a test drive

When it comes to location based mobile advertising, Vicinity Media's innovations are unmatched. Our Distance Window (DW) messaging is a prime example of our pioneering work, and we're excited to share test drive figures that back up our confidence.
A quick recap? Glad you asked...

Our mobile ads appear across a premium network of media publishers. Ads are precisely filtered by location, so opted in consumers only see relevant content for brands near them. DW messaging is how we personalise the ad. A clickable message pops up within the ad, in real time, telling the user exactly how far they are from the advertised offer.

Now, on to the test drive...

The goal

To measure the number of in store visits an advert drives when it features a DW message versus when it doesn’t.

The subject matter

We ran a month long campaign for BMW, tracking the real world results with our proprietary VisitAbility attribution technology. While the conversion rate from digital advertising to physical store visits was effective, we knew we could give BMW more bang for their buck...

We then ran the same campaign again, but with one crucial difference: we introduced the distance to the dealership.

Taking the distance window for a test drive

The (JAW DROPPING) results

The DW ad drove THREE TIMES MORE visits than its counterpart ad without a DW.

The test revealed that store visits increased by 70% when a Distance Window was featured in the ad.

What this shows is that proximity really does encourage store visits. DW messaging is all about convenience, making it easy for a shopper to visit your branch. Instead of clicking on an ad that takes you to the store website, where you’d have to search for store locations to see how far away the nearest branch is, an integrated message tells you EXACTLY how CLOSE the nearest store is.

With a DW, no search effort is required, and a shopper is always only a stone’s throw away.

Make experiencing your product convenient and easy. Get in touch with Vicinity Media today.

Triple my store visits

3 Sep 2020 17:08