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Vicinity. Now pinpointing your audience

Not satisfied with having the best location targeting on the market, Vicinity Media has been hard at work building market leading audience targeting and retargeting capabilities, harnessing the mountains of data being collected across SA's biggest premium publisher network.
Vicinity. Now pinpointing your audience

Vicinity uses its location intelligence and 1st party user data to better understand users based on both online browsing behaviour and real world store (and point of interest) visits. First party location data (in addition to users demographics) tells us whether an individual is in the market for a vehicle or interested in fashion and so on.

“It hasn't been easy building what is essentially a DMP and integrating pinpoint retargeting and targeting capabilities into our ad server based on audience segmentation and persona generation,” notes Vicinity CEO, Daryl van Arkel.

“The development we have undertaken further underscores the innovation, grit, determination and world class solutions we as South African companies can build. I am proud of the hours and hours of their own time our dev team have thrown at this to ensure it sees the light of day and allows us to not only lead in real time location targeting but also compete in the key area of Audience targeting the market requires. We are very excited to bring these innovative features to market along with all the other market leading innovations we have released to date.”

Vicinity. Now pinpointing your audience

Vicinity’s innovative targeting allows you to focus your advertising spend on consumers you know already have a degree of interest in your products.

Using real world 1st party location data combined with browsing behaviour and advertising engagement we can zero in on your audience.

The newly released targeting capabilities include:
  • Retargeting Current Campaign Engagers

  • Retarget Past Campaign/Brand/Sector Engagers

  • In-Market Targeting

  • Visit Retargeting
“The fact that we have taken the time to build relationships and integrations directly with the countries top publishers means we have the cleanest, most valid user data in the industry. Data that isn’t tainted by other DSPs, Exchanges and Marketplaces, meaning advertisers get better returns and have a higher degree of trust in the data source,” concludes van Arkel.

25 Nov 2019 11:49


Love problem solution
Love problem solution
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