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Making history with a brave new upgrade for Cuticura

Cuticura is no stranger to a South African girl's beauty regime. Having been around for over 150 years, the Cuticura brand is a legacy brand - passed down from mothers to daughters. The iconic green ointment is the root of the brand's success, but over the years new products have been added to the portfolio creating visual inconsistency around a core expression that lacked modernity. The Just Design Jhb team were approached to breathe some new life and excitement into the brand.
Making history with a brave new upgrade for Cuticura

With heritage brands such as Cuticura, it is key that an upgrade does not alienate existing consumers. It’s about striking that fine balance between injecting modernity and retaining those heritage cues that carry the trust, recognition and credibility behind the brand, allowing one to attract the younger market, whilst still retaining the current consumers.

The team drew from the brand’s heritage and consumer navigational insights to create a unified and contemporary product range. This successful relaunch places Cuticura at the centre of its more youthful counterparts and looks set to remain a firm favourite, passed down from generation to generation.

About Just Design

For over fifteen years, Just Design has proven time and again that good thinking leads to great creative. With a national footprint and accounts across Africa, Middle East and Europe, they are the strategic design and innovation partners for many blue-chip clients and global brands, and are one of South Africa’s leading Future’s, Strategy and Design agencies.

About Cuticura

The Cuticura brand has been in existence for over 150 years and has a lot of heritage in the South African market. The Cuticura range of products is specially formulated to help with treatment of problem skin and include ointments, face wash, soaps and vanishing creams.

20 Apr 2018 14:25