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Gorilla gets off to a 'humming' start with Huletts Sugar

The relationship has kicked off sweetly with the launch of The Huletts National Humthem campaign and South Africans around the country are humming with pride.
Gorilla gets off to a 'humming' start with Huletts Sugar
Gorilla gets off to a 'humming' start with Huletts Sugar

Gorilla won the Huletts Sugar account after a pitch process that ran in January 2020 and has taken on both the above the line and digital work. "Huletts is one of the great South African heritage brands that any agency would love to have as a client. The Huletts business is going through a top to bottom transformation and our mandate was very clear from the beginning - inject new life into the brand, celebrate our Proudly South African heritage and add a little sweetness into the lives of South Africans," says Jarrod Pretorius, creative director at Gorilla.

"Gorilla won the account in January with a campaign to celebrate our Proudly South African partnership. Then Covid-19 hit South Africa and we had to go back to the drawing board and come up with another way to celebrate our sugar, our workers and our customers. The result was The National Humthem - because while masks may muffle our voices, they will never stop our pride from humming through," Simon Harvey, Huletts Sugar managing director.

Gorilla gets off to a 'humming' start with Huletts Sugar
Gorilla gets off to a 'humming' start with Huletts Sugar

"The campaign is perfect. We believe a little Huletts sweetness goes a long way and seeing South Africans proudly performing the National Humthem shows that even during the trying times we face, we can still stand together and joyfully celebrate our South African identity," says Zethu Sithole, Huletts Sugar brand manager.

The campaign is running on social media, TV, out-of-home and in stores around the country and culminates on National Heritage Day on 24 September.

Huletts is also inviting all South Africans to show their pride and share their National Humthem performances. With over R100,000 in cash prizes up for grabs and the chance to make the National Heritage Day celebration video, there has never been a sweeter reason for South Africans to celebrate their pride.

You can watch the full National Humthem on YouTube:

You can watch some of the hum-ble and hum-erous Humthems on Facebook.

Or enter your own Humthem by sharing on it on Instagram or Twitter using #HulettsNationalHumthem and tagging @Huletts_SA.

31 Aug 2020 08:33


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