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Southern Comfort gets comfortable with Gorilla

The easy-drinking spirit has handed its digital activity to the easy-going agency.

"We were looking for a digital partner with a proven track record in delivering creative campaigns, that was also capable of leading big ideas. We've prioritised digital as a way of engaging our customers and building our brand, and Gorilla is an exciting team to have with us on that journey," said Chantal Canning, the Southern Comfort Brand Manager.

"Southern Comfort celebrates those that are confident enough to be themselves, and that is something we relate to as an agency. We're an independent team, who approach our work in a unique way, with a unique personality. We're cool with that, and that is something Southern Comfort as a brand values the most," said Gorilla CEO Jordan Wallace

Southern Comfort is marketed by Brown-Forman - the global Wine and Spirits brand owner, in partnership with local distributor the Really Great Brand Company.

"We're thrilled with the opportunity to work on Southern Comfort. It has an incredibly strong global brand mission, and we get to bring that alive for a South African audience who want to celebrate owning their awesome. It's going to be a lot of fun," said Adam Brandt, ECD of Gorilla.

29 Sep 2015 11:38