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Aromat picks Gorilla as tastiest agency around

Knorr Aromat has tapped Gorilla as their digital agency of choice for 2015.
As one of South Africa's most revered brands, Aromat needed a seasoned team to help them shake things up online. The pitch from Gorilla caught their eye, and the Durban agency will be heading up their digital creative this year.

Aromat marketing has a taste for the memorable, evoking the impossible to forget flavour of their product range and the unbelievable enjoyment the seasoning brings to any meal.

"Aromat is close to South Africa's heart and taking this relationship online is going to be an adventure for both the brand and its friends," commented Jordan Wallace, Gorilla's CEO. "The brief is an exciting one: 'bring as much fun and enjoyment to your screens as Aromat brings to your meal'. We've got some fun ideas on how to do that."

With a directive to shake things up, Aromat is fully embracing digital media as a platform to connect with consumers and build brand love.

About Aromat

Knorr Aromat is one of South Africa's most popular seasonings and a staple ingredient in the repertoire of almost every home cook.

Aromat is known for its unique flavor which consumers love, but can't quite describe and is easily identified through its bold and unforgettable iconic packaging. It's a flavour enhancer that looks to shake things up, both on the plate and in its marketing. Aromat has a range of products, including Original, Cheese, Peri-Peri and Chilli Beef.

Aromat goes with anything and everything but is particularly delicious on eggs. You can shake things up with Aromat on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

About Gorilla

Hello. We are Gorilla. You can think of us as a digital agency helping brands and companies meet marketing and business objectives through creative, digital solutions. We see ourselves as a group of people privileged to have the opportunity to do really cool stuff.

We are honoured to take on the voice of some of South Africa's leading brands and, through design, creative, strategy or daydream, we work so that every interaction a fan or follower has with that brand is a good one. You can follow our missions to build brand love on Twitter as @GorillaCM, like our Facebook page at or check out our musings by visiting Queries can be sent to mc.allirog@olleh.

20 Jan 2015 11:12