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A year of eVOD

A year and over 500,000 registrations later. A year of 11 locally produced eOriginal shows and movies. A year of unlimited entertainment and downloads.

EVOD is eMedia’s online streaming platform which launched in August 2021, and allows viewers to watch movies, series, Afrikaans telenovelas, documentaries, and much more on any device, at any time. The platform has seen a steady growth, and surpassed modest forecasts when it registered 500,000 users within the 12-month space since launch. It is seen as the fastest growing, subscription-free streaming platform in South Africa.

Some of the most popular movies viewed on eVOD is Piet’s Sake (starring the late Jamie Bartlett), Atlantis, Abafana Ababi, and lately Umbrella Men – one of the most recently added locally produced movies. Elif, Dr Ali, Is’Phindiselo and Housewives are some of the most viewed series – showing strong affinity for local content, and the Turkish/Afrikaans telenovelas. House of Zwide is also under the most viewed using the Catch-Up feature on eVOD.

EMedia follows a strong focus and investment in local productions, creating work and exposure in the local economy, and celebrating exceptional local talent in South Africa. We are continually adding new viewing content and recently released another riveting movie, An Eye for an Eye and a brand-new series, Umbali, in July 2022. Whatever It Takes (another eOriginal) was added to list of choice movies earlier this month. All of these are exclusive to the eVOD platform.

To assist viewers during load shedding, eVOD now live-streams the channels eExtra and between 5pm and 10pm on load shedding days to enable viewers to keep watching satellite content when the power is out, on the streaming platform.

We are excited about the growth of eVOD, and the strong affinity and support for local content. eVOD hopes to enable many more South Africans to view 'your shows, your way' on any device and at any time.

Recent releases:

An Eye for An Eye: Movie

A good and honest man, Caesar Khumalo, is caught up in murder of his brother, Khulu. Subsequently, he is framed for the killing of a police officer, he is presented with a certain death or jail time and with little choice but to flee the country and hideout. Years later he returns to Johannesburg to bury his deceased granny. Caesar’s arrival is noticed, and he is hunted down by a police detective Capt. Vosloo, who wants him behind bars and a crime boss, The Don, who wants him dead. Caesar doesn’t seem to have much reason to stay and plans to skip town again, but before he does, he visits his ex-girlfriend, Lucy, and discovers that he is a father to Zack. Presented with a new life, he decides to stand his ground and prove his innocence by helping Vosloo, capture The Don. After failing to capture Caesar, The Don kidnaps and ransoms Lucy in exchange for the evidence Caesar has on him. Caesar has no choice but to meet The Don and his gang head-on in a gun battle where only one will survive.

uMbali: Series

When Mbali’s boyfriend, Siya, is arrested and the family’s main financial support is lost, the gorgeous and street-smart Mbali makes a solemn promise that she will do whatever it takes to leave the township for a taste of 'good life'. Will this slay queen survive the concrete jungle?

Whatever it Takes: Movie

A young mother with a sickly child is left with nobody to care for her when the sole breadwinner, her brother, is killed. With nowhere else to turn, shetakes matters into her own hands, going for a life of crime, in the process forming an all-woman gang that goes head-to-head with a violent ATM bombing gang and the police force.

Visit for a synopsis and more information on the latest releases.

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1 Sep 2022 12:29