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You make Joburg great says PenQuin International

When advertising agency PenQuin International had to define the one thing that Makes Joburg Great, it didn't take long to discover the incredibly powerful answer: The People.
You make Joburg great says PenQuin International


As a newly appointed advertising agency for the City of Joburg, PenQuin International's first brief was to develop a campaign that evoked pride within the residents of this 2010 FIFA World Cup host city, and contribute to the brand perceptions of Joburg locally, nationally and internationally.

The resulting You Make Joburg Great campaign, initiated towards the end of 2009, aimed to identify and raise awareness of an asset that Joburg's residents could be proud of. The message was simple - Joburg has the best people in the world - they're vibrant, cool, open, trendy, beautiful, brilliant, creative, cosmopolitan and friendly. All that was left to do was to tell everyone that.

You make Joburg great says PenQuin International

PenQuin International's Greg Kockott explains, “We designed a logo, stencilled it onto a few hundred pieces of cardboard and T-shirts, and went to work by telling people that they Make Joburg Great. The message made its way to Joburg street corners, concerts, sports events, bridges and Joburg landmarks. The communication was also captured on social media platforms as residents became intensely engaged and actively involved in spreading the word.”

“The innovation displayed by the City of Joburg and PenQuin, while developing and executing the campaign, has developed positive results and a message that has long-term goals and potential, much like New York's 'I love NY',” says Greg.

You make Joburg great says PenQuin International

The campaign has already spread as far as England, USA and Canada, and has even been a powerful catalyst for bringing some of the city's people back home.

You Make Joburg Great is a message for everyone working, living and visiting, that they make Joburg such a great place. It is a message for the police, the municipal workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers and sportsmen.

Joburg has the greatest people in the world. PenQuin, the residents and the City of Joburg will prove it to the world.

Visit to watch the campaign video.

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12 Mar 2010 11:36