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PenQuin powers Emperors Palace ‘Date with Destiny' print promotion

The Emperors Palace ‘Date with Destiny 2009' promotion is underway, with competitions and giveaways on the airwaves and in print. The print promotion, published in The Star, Saturday Star, Pretoria News and Pretoria News Weekend newspapers, is designed by marketing solutions company, PenQuin International.

“We created a game card promotion involving two types of games. For the first, readers cut and paste building blocks, which are published daily, to complete the week's puzzle grid. The second game is a word search incorporating destiny words. The words are cut out each day and circled on the game card in order to complete the week's grid,” explains Caroline Hutton, from PenQuin's Promotions team. The competitions run on alternate weeks from Thursday to Wednesday, excluding Sunday. Readers with completed game cards enter the ‘Date for Destiny 2009' weekly cash draw on Wednesday nights at Emperors Palace.

“The entries tripled from the first week to the third,” says Hutton. “Last night six hundred entrants came through to Emperors Palace to hand in their completed cards for the fourth and final weekly draw.” Hutton adds that it usually takes a while for the public to catch on, especially as readers must get the paper six days in a row to complete a game card. “That's why entry numbers increase greatly from one week to the next,” she says.

The success of interactive print promotions is determined by the duration of the competition, how long it takes the public to get involved and, of course, the prize offering. “Interactive print promotions engage and create loyal newspaper buyers, especially the multi-day competitions where something is collected each day,” explains Hutton. “Brands benefit through increased interest and excitement and if they have a public draw or announcement, like Emperors Palace weekly cash draw, visitor numbers get a big boost as entrants bring their friends and family with them to the draws. All the hype and festivities are fun, which is good news for any brand.”

26 Mar 2009 16:31