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PenQuin International expands their offering with interactive department

With more and more multimedia mediums entering the marketing mix, PenQuin International identified the need to offer their clients complete creative solutions in-house. Hence the creation of the PenQuin International Interactive Department. This is a studio that focuses on delivering cutting-edge multimedia development.

Working alongside the PenQuin International Creative Studio the Interactive Department is now able to convert existing creative into electronic mediums seamlessly - the benefits to their clients are obvious.

Department head Daniel du Plessis is buoyant about the department's ability to meet the challenges that will see the division enhance PenQuin International's client offerings. “The department is lucky enough to have several sector-leading staff members that are able to deliver industry-leading work. All of our staff possess a wealth of experience combined with a willingness to learn more and experiment all the time. The work that we are capable of producing really is exciting!”

The studio is able to produce a wide range of offerings, their products/services include website design and development, website redesign, website updating, mobi-sites, web banners, e-mail marketing, rsvp mailers, Flash application development, corporate interactive CD's, Flash banners, multi-media presentations and many more products may be developed utilising the department.

The department has been in operation for several months now and is evolving and growing all the time.

“This department gives us a strong foot in the interactive, multimedia arena and ensures that our client's media messages are exposed to the latest that modern technology has to offer,” enthused PenQuin International's Clive Lawrence.

For further information on the services on offer contact Daniel du Plessis on .

22 Oct 2008 14:29