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2022 annual Township CX Report launches in June

- Research report tracks Kasi saving, spending and shopping trend for SA marketers
2022 annual Township CX Report launches in June

With more than 50% of South Africans living in townships across the country, insight and understanding into Kasi saving, spending and shopping behaviour, and how it changes over time, is vital for the success of brands and the teams who market them.

Rogerwilco, 2021 Financial Mail AdFocus Digital Agency of the Year, launched its inaugural Township Marketing Report in 2021. The second edition of the now-annual study will be released during a webinar hosted by Marketing Mix on Wednesday, 22 June. The event will focus on how, why and where brands should adapt.

In conjunction with Survey54, 1,428 townships residents across South Africa were polled to examine how they support themselves financially, where they spend their money, how this has changed over the past year, what their preferred payment methods are, and what influences shopping behaviour and fashion trends.

“Our first-ever 2021 township survey provided a benchmark of understanding into what drives Kasi saving, spending and shopping behaviour,” says Mongezi Mtati, senior brand strategist at Rogerwilco. “This year’s Township CX Report brings that insight to life by tracking trends and highlighting some significant changes in opinion on certain issues, which is vital for brands and marketers to be aware of.”

The 2022 research dug deeper into some of the commentary from the 2021 research to better understand the township market’s definition of identity and how its various storylines converge into a redefinition of the concept of brand. This year’s findings reveal the opportunity for the rise of organic township brands.

The webinar will uncover insights into and changes relating to, who township residents trust, Kasi cashflow, the power of the stokvel, ecosystems of convenience, and internet usage and its impact on e-commerce.

A panel of expert South African marketers will discuss and debate the research findings during the webinar. Two senior marketing directors will comment on what inspires them from the research. Three special interest sessions will follow to stimulate thinking about opportunities spotted, what’s likely to work in a digital marketing mix, and township influencer marketing and brand advocacy.

“We've noted increased reliance on entrepreneurship, building brands within townships and Kasi businesses wanting to redefine themselves as contributors in the township economy – all of which are vital to understand for marketing success,” says Mtati.

The 2022 Township CX Report provides additional value by including actionable outcomes for marketing success in the Kasi market.

The Marketing Mix webinar will take place on Wednesday, 22 June from 8-11.15am. Brand and marketing teams can sign up for the webinar here for just R2,000 (ex VAT), including a copy of the 2022 Township CX Report.

23 May 2022 12:41