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Everlytic launches integration into Pipedrive to boost lead-nurturing campaigns

The integration will help Everlytic customers build trust with prospective clients at each phase of the sales funnel.

Everlytic, a leading South African provider of smart messaging software and personalised digital content, is launching an integration into Pipedrive to enable businesses to nurture leads – and drive sales – far more effectively. Pipedrive, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for sales teams globally, is widely used in the local business sphere – and the new integration will drive efficiencies for sales teams and leaders by syncing key contact data from Pipedrive over to Everlytic.

JD Engelbrecht
JD Engelbrecht

"At a time when local businesses really need to kickstart sales and drive lead-nurturing, Everlytic is making sure that local sales teams can maximise the many benefits of automated lead-nurturing software such as Everlytic,” explains JD Engelbrecht, MD, Everlytic.

“With our new integration, for example, companies which currently use Pipedrive’s CRM can now set up a series of communications that get triggered on a field change in their pipeline – essentially nurturing sales leads in a more strategic, efficient and powerful manner.”

For instance, when a lead moves from ‘contact made’ to ‘proposal sent’, sales professionals can now kickstart a powerful lead-nurturing journey to keep the brand or business top of mind - and provide additional information to prospective clients via email to assist in sealing the deal.

According to Demand Gen, companies which excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost per lead. Moreover, lead nurturing emails get four to 10 times the response rate compared to individual email blasts.

With Everlytic and Pipedrive, lead-nurturing emails can be sent automatically personalised with your sales consultants’ name and email addresses, so that recipients continue to feel nurtured by the same contact person. Importantly, the new integration synchronises the contact data from Pipedrive over to Everlytic, including fields like the salesperson and the status of the lead. It updates as your pipeline does, so that your data is always current (and no opportunities can slip by).

On the Everlytic side, this can trigger important workflows and content: for example, when a stage field changes to ‘proposal sent’, the Everlytic platform could automatically send a series of strategic messages and content to help nurture the lead to close. This can make all the difference in a highly competitive, post-lockdown business environment.

“With businesses now moving to remote or hybrid modes of working with less social contact and fewer in-person meetings, technology such as smart messaging software and automated lead-nurturing are arguably going to become a key differentiator in the global sales environment,” adds Engelbrecht.

“The Everlytic offering, in conjunction with leading CRM platforms, is designed to remove much of the legwork for marketing and sales teams – and enable these professionals to focus on strategic work and business relationships while the software works its magic. It creates efficiency that expands the capacity of your team.”

Indeed, by strategically nurturing leads through every stage of the buying cycle with smart software and personalised messaging, the chances of converting your customers into sales leads (while building lasting relationships - at scale) is radically increased. By harnessing the right technology and expertise, sales teams can nurture business leads to conversion - no matter where they are in the sales funnel - with far more ease and efficiency.

30 Sep 2020 11:40