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Everlytic's top software features from 2019

As usual in Everlytic's development team, a lot has happened over the last year. And, looking forward, there are many more exciting things to come. So, before we get deep into 2020, here's a quick overview of some of the top software features they released in 2019.
Everlytic's top software features from 2019

Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting was one of Everlytic’s biggest feature releases of 2019 as it added a new dynamic to their offering: sound. The technology allows you to send a recorded message to subscribers as a direct phone call, getting your message across in minutes.

Benefits of this feature include:

  • Sending one consistent message to any group of contacts at once
  • Expressing nuance, tone, and humour, and;
  • Conveying messages to people who are illiterate or visually impaired.

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Email builder features

Everlytic’s drag-and-drop email builder is always getting refined. In the last year, some of their favourite upgrades included:

  • Video preview images in email: You can now share a video-preview image in an email, which links to a video in YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Countdown timer: You can now add and customise a countdown timer in your emails.
  • Content over images: add any content (like HTML text, a button, divider, etc.) over a background image.
  • Download attachment links: You can now copy attachment links to enable readers to download them from anywhere in your email as a button or as hyperlinked text.

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Automation features

Workflows, Everlytic’s master automation tool, is continuously being enhanced to align with customer needs. In 2019, Everlytic added features, like:

  • Recreate workflows: You can now recreate an entire workflow at the click of a button.
  • Field change trigger: You can trigger a workflow when a field changes for a contact in your database. E.g.: When a subscriber’s loyalty status changes from silver to gold, you may want to send them on a communication journey relevant to this.
  • Unenrolment trigger: You can now remove contacts from a workflow automatically when a field in your list changes. Like in the example above, this would allow you to remove the contact from any previous journeys the subscriber was on that related to their silver status.

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Everlytic’s playful development team loves creating, tweaking, and mastering its software; the smart digital communication tool used by hundreds of South African enterprises. Watch this space to see what cool stuff they release next.

*This article was originally published on the Everlytic blog on 28 January 2020.

31 Jan 2020 11:09