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Old Mutual's app-to-email messaging: An Everlytic and Mirum case study

Everlytic and Mirum Agency collaborated on a project for Old Mutual's Dreams app. This allowed Old Mutual to automatically trigger emails that are personalised according to the user's answers to the app questionnaire. This complex project was executed easily via an API integration, custom template development, and expert trigger creation. And the results are remarkable.

Project objectives

Old Mutual’s Dreams app is used at selected events and is intended to determine the audience’s financial dreams and goals. With this information, Mirum wanted to trigger targeted email content to each app user, so Old Mutual could generate rich leads and educate consumers on its different products.

The project results

Two days into the first event, about 2,000 new subscriptions were recorded in Everlytic. Because Everlytic removes duplicate contacts in the system, contacts were able to submit app responses multiple times without being bombarded with duplicate emails.

The engagement on the emails was also much higher than average. The open rate, for instance, was 51% (that’s more than double our 2018 benchmark of 24.65%) and the click rate was 3% (compared to our 2018 benchmark of 2.98%). A remarkable result, thanks to our successful implementation and collaboration between agency, client, and us.

Project execution

Everlytic created one email template with two static sections (that send the same content to all subscribers) and seven dynamic ones (that send only relevant content to different segments of the target audience, depending on their answers in the questionnaire), saving it as an autoresponder in the platform. We then created seven custom fields for each dream and a trigger that sends an email immediately to each contact after they’ve subscribed via the app.

After a contact submits their three dreams in the app questionnaire, the API call to Everlytic includes a reference to the custom fields they’ve selected. This triggers an email to that individual, displaying the dream content specific to them. It also includes personalised calls-to-action for each dream, linking to an Old Mutual solution that guides the contact on how to achieve it.

Why it was successful

The following Everlytic features, services, and email elements helped to achieve these results:

  • Dynamic template – custom coded by one of our developers, so contacts receive email content that’s relevant to them.

  • Custom fields – created in the system and specified via API every time a new user registers.

  • Autoresponders – how the email template is created in Everlytic, so it functions as an automatic response to a trigger.

  • Triggers – sends the autoresponder when a contact submits the app questionnaire.

  • API integration – allows the app to speak seamlessly with Everlytic, so Old Mutual can seamlessly and automatically trigger the email delivery.

  • Professional template creation – allowing Old Mutual to instantly and automatically send hyper-personalised messaging to its app users.

  • Personalised content – content and name personalisation sent at the right time means that the subscribers know what they’re receiving, it’s relevant to them, and they want to read it.

  • Clean and clear subject line: Old Mutual | Plan your dreams

*This case study originally appeared on Everlytic’s website on 12 February 2019.

24 Jun 2019 10:31