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icandiCQ - Building character for Arrowhead Properties CI

Take a smart branding concept, add a dash of CQ (creative intelligence) and you have the winning method for giving 'character' to a corporate identity (CI).

Communication, marketing and brand agency, icandiCQ, recently incorporated a fun little 2D man into the Arrowhead Properties CI. The result? A brand character that really lives in the Arrowhead Properties world.

icandiCQ - Building character for Arrowhead Properties CI

As a JSE-listed property loan stock company with a diverse portfolio, Arrowhead Properties was looking to bolster its current branding with a quirky new element that would entrench its corporate personality in the market but retain its professional image

"They wanted something that would bring their CI to life," says Kim Nelson, managing director of icandiCQ. "Their brief to us was to see whether we could evolve a 3D character of a man they'd used previously as an animation into something they could use as part of their CI," she adds. "While the character works well in a 3D space, it doesn't necessarily work in a flat CI space."

For inspiration, the icandiCQ whizzes turned to the current Arrowhead logo. "The great thing about the logo is that it makes use of a continuous line to form a typical city skyline," Nelson explains. "So we decided to extend the use of the continuous line to encompass the character as well. We immediately recognised him as an exciting, fun personality that would lend longevity to the brand."

There is also a kinetic element to the character-he works, he plays, in fact he does just about everything. Taking on a life of his own, the character is a fresh, innovative dimension to the client's marketing and communication strategy.

Arrowhead Properties CEO Gerald Leissner is already enamoured with the new character. "We're delighted with what icandiCQ has done to make him part of our larger CI. We're looking forward to seeing how the brand develops-this little chap will be popping up where you least expect him!"

22 Jun 2012 11:26