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Hey, internal communicator, how agile are you?

In today's complex environment, business no longer operates in a sequence of events, but changes constantly. The end goals shift relentlessly and programmes that take months to plan and build (often at great cost!) can be irrelevant before they even launch. This is a struggle internal communicators are faced with daily and predictably the way we plan communication and enable change can no longer be sequential.

The solution: internal communication, as a function, needs to be more agile.

Organisational agility and the ability to accommodate and adapt to change is critical to business success and 90 percent of CEOs agree this differentiates organisations from their competitors. This means that as communicators we need a fresh approach to managing change.

Over the past decade, IT departments and organisations have embraced a framework known as agile software development to overcome the limitations of more traditional, rigid 'waterfall' software development methods.

Applying the principles and methodologies of agile software development to internal communication can help communicators move past similar traditionally rigid planning and execution processes - to create cross-functional teams that are employee-centric, have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, are fully accountable for their performance, and can adapt and respond quickly to unexpected changes.

At a glance

Although an agile internal communication transformation will look and feel different for each organisation, the common goal is to build a framework for addressing large, complex issues and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Key to success is letting go of the 'old' and adopting the 'new':

Extensive, sequential planningAdaptive iterative planning
The change curveEmployee moments of truth
Business partner modelGo-to-market priorities
Communication specialistsCommunication generalists

In a world of a rapidly changing workplace and market demands (accelerated by digital), agile will help internal communication teams keep pace. So...

Are you ready to let go of the old?
Are you ready to strategically facilitate change?
Are you ready to move from content creator to communication curator?

Are you ready to begin an agile transformation?

If you would like to have a meaningful conversation about agile internal communication in your organisation, get in touch with icandi CQ and start adding Creative Intelligence to your internal communication transformation.

Email: az.oc.qcidnaci@mik or call 011 234 8384.

18 Nov 2014 15:05