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Love2Know gets teen girls groomed

The state of South African education has recently made international headlines. Unfortunately more often than not, this has not been for the right reasons.
Love2Know gets teen girls groomed
Although there may be a lot of doom and gloom to share, encouragingly there are some positive moves being made towards improvement and progress in this sector.

An example of this positive shift is evident in the increase of the number of up-and-coming school programmes seen across the landscape. Programmes which offer a positive message or lesson and add value to their audience.

One of HDI Youth Marketeers' longstanding platforms, Love2Know was created in 2008 and is coordinated by a team of passionate females who operate in three provinces - Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape - across South Africa.

Love2Know gets teen girls groomed
Sponsored by POND'S, Dis-Chem and Nurofen, the Love2Know programme reveals everything teens would love to know, particularly about puberty and how it relates to grooming, skincare, personal hygiene and health.

This year the Love2Know programme hit the refresh button with the introduction of a brand new competition, bigger and better content and interactive demonstrations.

The show uses brand funded material to spread valuable edutainment about puberty, personal hygiene - and everything a girl needs to know about growing pains - useful hints and tips on how to beat the puberty blues and stay feeling great; and of course focusing on the importance of good grooming habits - to keep girls feeling and looking amazing.

Love2Know gets teen girls groomed
"Presenters are there to inspire girls, answer questions and empower them. They are there to show girls that puberty need not be a negative experience, we have all gone through it and with tips brought to you by the programme you can embrace puberty." - Nika Smit, Portfolio Director on Love2Know

The Love2Know programme provides curious girl learners with secrets of feeling their best even when faced with teen-related challenges. It also teaches them about their developing bodies and the importance of looking after themselves. It reinforces that girls should embrace puberty and builds their self-esteem as they grow up.

"The existence of such programmes offers brands a unique opportunity to market themselves whilst giving back to society, through assisting education." - Natalie Milroy, Assistant Brand Building Manager, POND'S

Entering the exciting Love2Know competition means girls stand a chance to win their very own pamper party for themselves, one teacher and their female classmates, where the girls will get information on how to look after themselves, and get spoiled grooming tips and treatments, all courtesy of Dis-Chem. To enter, ladies need to sign up for a Zone Benefits card at any Dis-Chem store and state their school name as the winning classes will be chosen from the schools with the highest number of Zone card sign-ups.

22 Aug 2013 11:48