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Meet 'n greet with the HDI Youth Marketeers team

Name: Jeanine Buhr
Designation: Insight Project Coordinator
Starting this June, the team over at HDI Youth Marketeers' head office has decided to intro our proudly "new" additions to the team...

We're putting together a bi-monthly selection of Q&A sessions so that we can present our team to the market. What better place to do that than in our very own press office..?

First on the board - meet the feisty Jeanine Buhr.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Meet 'n greet with the HDI Youth Marketeers team
"I grew up in George then completed my BCom Management Sciences degree at the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Marketing and Logistics, in 2007. Thereafter I embarked on world travel, living and working abroad for four years, and I returned to South Africa after realising that there is no place like home"

What were your expectations before embarking on the Sunday Times Generation Next journey?

"I was nervous and excited, I knew a great task lay ahead of me, but as we get closer and closer to the GenNext [Generation Next] event, I realise how rewarding this process really is."

What do you now know about the youth that you didn't know before joining the HDI team?

Youth are extremely influential on the county's annual spend. This year they accounted for R105 billion of the total 2012/2013 spend.

Most memorable moment in field

"The whole experience was memorable, I joined HDI when the team was already in field, and I was given the opportunity to collect the Free State sample. I thoroughly enjoyed it - being infield allows you to feel a part of the complete process.

"There are definitely ups and downs during the six or seven months of 'GenNext', but when you sit back, read the results and listen to some of the reasoning the panels come up with for certain findings, it's all worth it - it's fun...and often hilarious."

What you bring to the team?

Loads and loads of tenacity and will power! Ask anyone who knows me ?. This girl will just keep on moving...

Fun Facts & Figures

1. 36% of 19-23 year olds check their cellphones every 5 minutes
2. 78.7% of kids say they influence their parents' choice of TV programme
3. Youth would rather connect with their friends on BBM/WhatsApp than face-to-face

Your top 3 youth quotes [GenNext 2013]

Muleya Musonda (12)
"Marketers should stop this thing I like to call Julius Malema Syndrome - which is lying and hypocritism." (when asked what advice to give marketers)

John Magunza (16)
"I would tattoo the seven Blackberry dots because I think that was the greatest invention ever."

Kuda Chidembo(12)
"My dad, he is 53, so he still uses CD's, he is old fashioned. He thinks that Twitter is Bird App, where you can hear birds singing?"

For more on the results of the Sunday Time Generation Next survey, go to, or call Jeanine on 011 706 6016.

7 Jun 2013 14:54