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HDI Youth Marketeers score top BEE rating

Youth market specialist company, HDI Youth Marketeers has received unparalleled Level I AAA+ status from Empowerdex moving up from their Level II BEE status in 2009/10. The company received top scores for both Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development.
HDI Youth Marketeers score top BEE rating
"HDI has experienced year-on-year growth and achieved counter-cyclical success in the recession," says Jason Levin, HDI Youth Marketeers MD. "We have big plans for the company and achieving this BEE status will open more doors for us," he says. The company has an eye on the Middle East in Quarter 1 next year and closer to home, HDI plans to launch a new business unit catering to kids and families' in-store promotions and activations in early 2011.

More about HDI Youth Marketeers:

HDI Youth Marketeers is not your typical agency, partly because they believe in platforms that bring out the best in our clients' brands in the short-, medium- and long-term, but also because they rarely do this for a straight fee or commission. HDI Youth Marketeers are 'in it' as much as their clients and they often co-fund or co-own a platform with a client to take it to heights that create a return for both. HDI Youth Marketeers has spent more than a decade bringing brands and 3-23 year olds together, creating win-wins for our clients by building lasting connections with the youth.

In 2010, the company has expanded its offering locally with the addition of two new business units, and into the rest of Africa with the opening of an office in Nigeria and Kenya. Although Sunday Times Generation Next is a flagship study for HDI Youth Marketeers, the company also runs several other major research and insight platforms: The Khuza Awards Study; Junior Board of Directors; Youth Consumer Board and Youth University.

3 Nov 2010 09:11