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Khuza Awards 2010 - our judges have upped their game, have you?

Since 2004, The Khuza Awards have identified which adverts and brand communication earn the thumbs-up from youth. This year, the Khuza Awards reflect the opinions of over 2,500 young South Africans (8-22 years) from six provinces regarding four categories of work: TV, print, outdoor and radio. Young urbanites have grown up on a media-rich diet, richer than their parents and Generation X, and they consume and respond to media and brand communication very differently as a result. This makes a youth study that covers youth media and advertising essential to the marketing industry.
Khuza Awards 2010 - our judges have upped their game, have you?
In the lead-up to the 2010 World Cup, 'local flavour' was clearly a key ingredient in TV ads: BP's soccer ad series was polled in the top three across all age-groups, with 'Mamas vs. Café Owners' winning in each. And Vodacom's 'Single Ladies' had kids, teens and young adults jumping off their seats to dance along. While funny is still right on the money, in the print and outdoor category glamour, style and sizzle are the draw-cards with kids and teens. But young adults make more critical choices and are attuned to an ad's concept and execution. Silliness and witty punch-lines give the winning radio ads their edge in this year's awards, with kudos going to Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Sandton City.

"Six years into Khuza, it's great to see so many winning ads that are celebratory, upbeat and distinctly South African. As with every year there are surprises, but this year's are a real delight," says Jason Levin, MD HDI Youth Marketeers.

Running parallel to the Awards event which honours the best of the best is the Khuza study which digs deeper into the media and advertising preferences of young urban South Africans. After all, a well-received TV ad is a great achievement - but the real test is whether it actually does the job of generating brand awareness and conversion. "We spend more time watching TV than any other medium. We're relaxed when we're watching TV... I would rather be entertained by TV ads than be force-fed an overload of brand information," says Linda, 22.

More details are available in the full Khuza 2010 report, available from HDI Youth Marketeers: (011) 706 6016.

Outdoor: Kids
1. Mercedes Benz E-Class
2. BMW Z4 Roadster
3. DSTV Monkey Business

Outdoor: Teens
1. DSTV Monkey Business
2. BMW Z4 Roadster
3. Mini Convertible

Outdoor: Young Adults
1. DSTV Monkey Business
2. Mini Convertible
3. Mercedes Benz E-Class

Print: Kids
1. Samsung Star
2. Porsche 911 GT3
3. Mini Flu Injection

Print: Teens
1. Samsung Star
2. Nokia
3. Lacoste Sneakers

Print: Young Adults
1. Sunlight Plate
2. Appletiser Splash
3. Dentyne Love Your Smile

Radio: Kids
1. Sandton City SpongeBob
2. BP Express Bread and Milk
3. McDonald's Robot McMeal

Radio: Teens
1. Sandton City SpongeBob
2. Sony Ericsson C903 Smile
3. Listerine Back in the days

Radio: Young Adults
1. Sony Ericsson C903 Smile
2. Motorola VE66 Piggy Wiggy
3. Axe Research Laboratories

TV: Kids
1. BP Mamas vs. Café Owners
2. Vodacom Single Ladies
3. BP Divas vs. Taxi Drivers

TV: Teens
1. BP Mamas vs. Café Owners
2. BP Divas vs. Taxi Drivers
3. Vodacom Single Ladies

TV: Young Adults
1. BP Mamas vs. Café Owners
2. BP Divas vs. Taxi Drivers
3. Vodacom Single Ladies

Special Awards

Special Award: Laugh Out Loud
Awarded to the funniest ads
• Sunlight Plate (Print)
• Cell C Walking Man (TV)
• Cadbury Dairy Milk (Radio)

Special Award: Originality and Innovation
• Makita Power Drill (Outdoor)
• Audi Q5 (TV)

Special Award: Most Inspirational Award
Momentum Believe in People

Special Award: 'Cause You Mean It
Awarded for social responsibility
Salvation Army

Special Award: Brand Hero
• Coca-Cola (Cross-category)
• Nokia (Cross-category)
• Momentum Believe in People (TV)

2 Aug 2010 06:03