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Grow your life: sowing the seed of self-employment

We all know that education is one of South Africa's most daunting challenges. But it is not terrain that the country's marketers normally feel comfortable taking on. And the proactive development of our youth isn't only about ensuring the future of the marketing industry, but the future. Period.
Grow your life: sowing the seed of self-employment

In an effort to give children a sense of hope about their futures, the non-profit organisation, Chabad House, approached youth specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers to assist with a campaign that aims to change children's attitudes to money, especially as it regards entrepreneurship. The Grow Your Life pilot campaign was rolled out to a dozen disadvantaged schools in Gauteng earlier this month, and a similar number in the Western Cape will now follow. The Grow Your Life pack comprises a very simple reader chronicling a boy, Siphiso's, rise to self-sustainability, accompanied by a pack of vegetable seeds that drives home the point of growing the smallest opportunity into a full livelihood.

But Grow Your Life is more than just a story-book, it's the first step on a journey that begins with planting a seed and ends in a culture of self-empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Miss Earth South Africa, Matapa Maila, in association with Consol 2008 has committed to assisting with the campaign, but a sizeable tranche of funding is required to roll-out this programme nationally in 2009.

If you are interested in being part of the Grow Your Life programme, please contact Kirstin Tsaperas at or on (011) 706-6016. It may even “create a bubble of excitement in your heart”, as Siphiso says.

Grow your life: sowing the seed of self-employment
Grow your life: sowing the seed of self-employment

24 Nov 2008 15:40