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Cupcakes and champagne celebrate courage

October is acknowledged the world over as Breast Cancer Month. Last week, youth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers, hosted an intimate Pink Ribbon Breakfast to honour the courage of a long-serving member of the HDI team who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.
Cupcakes and champagne celebrate courageHer upbeat spirit and sheer determination to fight this disease head-on are daily reminders to other staffers and clients of the remarkable power that a positive attitude has on dealing with life's hardest challenges.

At the breakfast, HDI Youth Marketeers handed over a donation cheque to Reach for Recovery. Greta Treisman, representing the support group, spoke about the importance of providing women with the support they need to get them through their battle with cancer - be it prostheses for women who cannot afford reconstructive surgery or providing emotional support to those who don't have the luxury of close friends and family. Greta emphasised that all women should do regular breast self-examinations because early detection is key. Her overall message? With courage and support, cancer can be beaten!

Between 3,500 and 4,000 South African women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and the disease can have a dramatic affect on both woman and entire families: either positively or negatively. “When we heard about Cath's shocking news, we never really knew what to do. And in all honesty, our efforts have been led by her courage. So we'd like to encourage the South African creative industry to use the imagination and resourcefulness that they are so famous for to help contribute to the fight against cancer.”

29 Oct 2008 14:18