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HDI Youth Marketeers spearhead Zimbabwe youth marketing

Research has shown that by 2025, Africa will have the youngest global population. The rise of youth in Africa is unstoppable; currently 51% of its population is under 23 years of age. These statistics are important for every African marketer to understand, and Zimbabwe is no exception. HDI Youth Marketeers, currently present in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, helps brands and organisations to make meaningful, magical and memorable differences in the lives and fortunes of youth and families.
With Zimbabwe now “open for business”, and with the eyes of the business world assessing local opportunities, HDI has now entered the Zimbabwean communications landscape as part of TBWA Zimbabwe, to help forward-thinking brands find ways of connecting to this influential market. The TBWA Group strongly believes in Africa and consistently invests on the continent. HDI is the third business established by TBWA Group in Zimbabwe, following the opening of the TBWA creative agency in 2012 and Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants in 2016. HDI Youth Marketeers will also be opening a new office in Ghana at the end of May 2018.

Youth consumers are not one homogeneous group with needs and desires that necessarily match one another, but can operate as consumers in different states: primary, influencer, future markets. Youth in the primary market consume and will spend money on the brands of their choice, whilst those in the influencer market influence parental spending, and will negotiate with their parents in order to access their chosen brands. With these different youth markets in mind, HDI Zimbabwe is able to not only run campaigns but build platforms that create a win-win for both youth and brands.

Bongani Chinkanda, Group CEO for HDI Africa, expressed HDI’s vision to grow its youth marketing footprint across the continent, one country at a time. “HDI is the most connected and connecting youth agency; we want to connect brands to the youth,” he stated. Chinkanda highlighted that HDI is a youth solutions business, which helps orient brand experiences to youth needs and desires. HDI’s timeous entry into Zimbabwe will allow other regional brands that have shown interest in the local market to receive impactful youth marketing solutions. HDI Zimbabwe will be operated by Zimbabweans, who know and understand Zimbabwe’s youth.

“We believe in the importance of using platforms in order to connect with youth in the most appropriate ways, and often co-fund or co-own platforms with brands in order to maximise impact,” says Chinkanda. HDI offers a full range of services to reach the target audience through events and experiential marketing, education and content, and through communities and healthcare providers. HDI also gathers insights about what the youth truly care about to serve as a foundation for communications, generating business advantage for brands. HDI holds extensive experience in youth research, and offers qualitative and quantitative youth-fueled insights. Finally, HDI orchestrates family entertainment-based in-store activations, positively impacting the shopping experience for youth and their parents.

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9 May 2018 11:49