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15 ways to know it's time to move out and ‘adult'

How many times have you been told to wait for the right time to move out of your parents' house and step into adulthood? Quite often, right?
15 ways to know it's time to move out and ‘adult'

In an effort to announce HDI Youth Marketeers’ big office move from a ‘hoffice’(home office) to a more ‘adult’ corporate premises (Friday, 31 March 2017), it launches the tongue-in-cheek #ItsTimeTomoveOutWhen Twitter campaign aimed at getting the Twitter community to share advice with those who are debating whether to move out or not. #ItsTimeToMoveOutWhen will launch on Thursday, 30 March, at 10:00am CAT.

In preparation for the campaign, HDI asked their Junior Board of Directors and staff about when they knew it was time to move out. According to them, here are the top 15 triggers that signify that the time has come.

You know it’s time to move out when...
  • You’re still getting shouted at about losing Tupperware.
  • You have to move everyone’s cars to get out the driveway and get to work.
  • Your younger siblings have all moved out.
  • You get calls from your mom asking where the remote is while you’re out on the jol.
  • You get shouted at for “always being on that thing”(a.k.a. your cellphone).
  • Your mom opens your curtains on weekends to wake you up.
  • Your room becomes storage for your parents unwanted things because “the garage is full”.
  • You want to ‘Netflix and chill’.
  • Your brother critiques your outfit every morning.
  • Your mom phones you at work to shout at you for not making your bed.
  • Your mom calls you to help her with something in PowerPoint just as you get comfy in bed.
  • Your mom proudly says you’re “still a mommy’s boy” at family functions.
  • You’re woken up early on Sundays to your dad mowing the lawn.
  • You’re tired of hearing ‘my house, my rules’ and “not under my roof”.
  • Your parents drop hints that ‘people your age’ are out of their parents’ house.
HDI Youth Marketeers will be moving from 168 Grosvenor Road, Bryanston, to the new address: Hobart Square (block D), 23 Hobart Road, Bryanston.

30 Mar 2017 10:03