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Introducing HDI's rising game-changer, Miss SA semi-finalist Olin-Shae

HDI's journey with youth, particularly from their Junior Board of Directors (JBoD), has seen a number of names grow from being ordinary kids to names that make headway in the industry with the JBoD alumni including names such as hip hop artist Lesley DA L.E.S Mampe; former YFM presenter, now on 5FM, Tumi Voster; Anthony Bila, blogger; and global pop culture photographer Alex Rawhani; celebrity dentist, former and musician a.k.a. Dr Smile/LexLeo; and many more.
Introducing HDI's rising game-changer, Miss SA semi-finalist Olin-Shae

HDI is proud to be celebrating a rising game-changer: Olin-Shae De La Cruz. Olin-Shae (22), who has been with HDI for two years now, was recently dubbed one of the 2017 Miss South Africa semi-finalists. Her journey with us has been nothing short of amazing, as a JBoD member, brand activator, and as a friend.

We managed to steal some time out of Olin-Shae’s jam-packed schedule to chat with about her journey:

1. Tell us about your life journey, have you always wanted to be part of Miss SA?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to enter Miss South Africa, but I never had a reason as to why. It was not until I started working with the youth in and out of the school environment that had the message, "Be the best version of yourself." I’ve always had that thing in me to help the youth and people in South Africa. I had kids come up to me after the school talk to thank me for speaking to them about embracing their inner and outer qualities... empowerment, motivation and inspiration, so they are able to love themselves to be the best version of themselves to shine in their dreams that they wish to have.

2. Why is it important for you to be part of Miss South Africa?

I would say that it’s because I have a burning desire in me to see a positive change in the future population of our nation. We need more positive influencers and individuals that will help shape the next generation. I know the feeling of empowerment: to be motivated and inspired; it’s a driving force that pushes you to keep going and never give up on your goals. From that, great things appear and opportunities arise that take you to places you have never thought you could go. The youth needs to experience this, so that they too can see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Right now everything seems near impossible, but all those feelings are me just being nervous.

3. Who inspired you to take part in this initiative?

In life I do not have a role model or a single inspiration. In fact, everything around me inspires me. It’s the beauty of having an open mind, someone stronger than me can inspire me, someone smarter, and someone more curious… The fact that others are out there to better themselves in whichever area is motivation for me to be and do better. But now having recently gone into communities to work with the youth, my dedication to see change has displaced the constant need for motivation. So, the youth inspire me on a daily basis.

4. Why do you think you could be the next Miss South Africa?

I believe I could be the next Miss South Africa because I have a vision. A vision to create real change, change in the lives of young people around the country and change within their communities. This journey is not about me, but really about the people. I have never started anything and ended it half-heartedly. I always aim for the best and that is to see empowered and inspired young people. I relate well with people and I am not afraid to try new things and learn from those who walked the path before me. I have committed myself to walk this journey and to change the perception of this competition in a way that people realise that it’s not all about beauty, but hard work, too. I believe I could be a great representation of our country.

5. If you had one piece of advice to young girls would want to be where you are at the moment, what would it be?

Want it! Go get it! Be it! Believe in yourself! Many people will doubt your abilities, and only you will be able to get yourself to where you want to be. If you make working hard and applying yourself a habit in everything you do, it will stick with you forever. Write your goals down, and make sure that you constantly remind yourself of them. Also, uplift your fellow man because the more you give, the more you receive! Life is not always about me, but us.

23 Nov 2016 10:58