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Celebrating the educators that shape SA's future leaders

To celebrate National Teachers' Month, Pick n Pay School Club spent time interviewing and profiling the educators (who are often undercelebrated) who go the extra mile for their learners, in and out of the school environment.
“My most inspiring experience in primary school is being with the little ones, realising how special they are and the wonderful ideas and concepts they always come up with, which made me realise that it’s not only adults that can inspire children, but children can also inspire adults too,” said Mrs Naidoo from Brailsford Primary School in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal.

In October, Pick n Pay School Club pays homage to the educators that continuously work hard in helping shape South Africa’s future leaders with a special dedication on its Facebook page – collecting heartwarming stories from educators who were asked a range of questions from what makes their school special to one thing their learners would never guess about them and even finding out what their teaching superpowers are.

“I think my special superpower is that I’m able to get into the classroom, get going with my learners and love them to bits,” said Mrs Kalawan from Dawnridge Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal.

“When we celebrate the success of a learner, we often forget that the educator also plays a major role in that child’s life,” said Rozaan Steenkamp, Pick n Pay School Club Platform Manager at HDI Youth Marketeers, as she explained that the journey of shaping and paving the direction of the country’s future is also heavily influenced by the educators.

Al-Aqsa Primary School’s Mr Mohamed, who has been with School Club since inception (in 2003), expressed his appreciation and inspirational message as people tell him that he taught them 25 years ago. “I find doctors, teachers, radiographers and attorneys coming to me and sharing their successes with me, which makes my journey as an educator worth it,” he said.

Over the years, 13 to be exact, Pick n Pay School Club has reached out to 3,000 schools, providing them with brand-funded educational content aimed to assist the educators - making the classroom an environment for fun-filled, entertaining learning. To date, School Club has touched the lives of over 2.2 million learners, parents and guardians annually, assisting over 105,000 educators in all parts of South Africa.

Pick n Pay School Club aims to create a generation of inspired leaders, thinkers, doers and heroes. “School Club hopes to identify and reward educators across South Africa that proactively nurture a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship while simultaneously equipping their learners to make responsible decisions regarding every aspect of their daily lives,” Steenkamp concluded.

28 Oct 2016 11:44