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HDI's Junior Board of Directors: Future leaders in the making

Now in its 18th year, HDI Youth Marketeers' new Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) for the year 2016/17 was welcomed in an exciting induction ceremony on Thursday, 1 September. Junior Board of Directors was a world first 17 years ago, and is still going strong, consisting of three boards (kids, teens and young adults, each with 12 directors).
HDI's Junior Board of Directors: Future leaders in the making
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This extraordinary group of sussed and savvy youth is re-grouped annually to give HDI opinion-leading counsel and insight into youth behaviour and culture. Their analysis and ideas help give HDI clients a competitive edge. This panel consists of young South Africans from different backgrounds who are rigorously selected every year to work with Africa’s leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers. Not only does JBoD give youth the opportunity to call the shots in shaping industry trends, but also gives them an ear and attention, because young people want to be heard.

“In a country where 50% our population are 24 years and under, it’s really important for brands to invest their time in understanding who young people are and how they view the world – basically staying in tune with what they are all about,” said Catherine Bothma, MD at HDI Youth.

Not only was the induction ceremony done in boardroom style, but the board members were left inspired, by young motivational speakers, Nomcebo Msane and Selimathunzi presenter, Siphesihle Vazi. “With hard work, dedication and understanding who you are, you can be anything you want to be – Future leaders in the making,” was among the speakers’ key points.

Over the 18 years, HDI’s JBoD saw youngsters completing their terms and becoming some of South Africa’s well-known names across different industries, namely, hip hop artist, Lesley ‘Da L.E.S’ Mampe; former YFM presenter, now on 5FM, Tumi Voster; Anthony Bila, blogger and global pop culture photographer; Alex Rawhani, celebrity dentist and musician aka Dr Smile/LexLeo. Success stories have also included lawyers, doctors, TV producers, social entrepreneurs and other game changers.

“Growing up in JBoD really helped me see the world differently. The opportunities that I have been exposed to while on the board were really worth it,” said Dumi Mphofu, a three-term Board member who has not only been an adviser to HDI and their clients, but also represented HDI and SA youth on various media channels, from television, to radio to print publications.

“With the new shifts at HDI, I feel like working closely with the Junior Board will be a really fun-filled experience, for both myself and the board,” said Bothma. She further added that, as a youth market specialist, it’s always important that brands understands the trends that are shaping the lives of youth across the country, “what better way to achieve this, than getting the insights from the youngsters themselves,” she concluded.

15 Sep 2016 09:47