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New guard at HDI Youth

Obsessed with magic, marketing and making a difference, Managing Director of HDI Youth Marketeers, Jason Levin, trades in his youth gloves to pursue a new global assignment within parent group, TBWA\Worldwide. "HDI turns 20 this year, and while I took it to a new place in my tenure, it's time to step it up again. It's been an amazing eight-year journey, but the baton is now being handed to a trio of stars, as I move on to new challenges."
Catherine Bothma, Tamsyn Louw, Cuma Pantshwa
Catherine Bothma, Tamsyn Louw, Cuma Pantshwa
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After having led a more than quadrupling in size of the business, and its launch into Africa, Levin departs in September. Thereafter, HDI will be led by three highly talented, complementary women who have a long track record of working with youth, both in HDI and outside it. Cuma Pantshwa will serve as the Stakeholder & Client Service Director, Tamsyn Louw as Commercial Director, and they will be led by Catherine Bothma as Managing Director. Together they have 29 years of HDI and youth marketing experience, so the business is in good hands.

HDI was launched by ex-teacher, Liesl Loubser, in 1996, to create meaningful, magical and memorable differences in the lives of kids using brands. “That causal marketing mission extended to youth of all ages quite quickly, and more recently to families, too. Of course we’re also much bigger now, but the DNA of ‘doing good for brands and youth’ still runs strong,” says Jason, “and the new team is deeply committed to that belief.”

Catherine Bothma, an HDI veteran, and the new MD, says: “Clearly hard work pays off.” She is delighted to have been promoted to the position from Head of Marketing & Sales, and adds, “I know I picked a great business to be in. Every day we get to change young people’s lives and connect with them in a way that most can’t. I’ve been in this game for many years, and am as passionate about it today as ever.”

Says Jason, “HDI is a very special company, and a very special team, so I will, literally, have to tear myself away. Many of the brands we serve have also been at our side for over 10 years, so it’s a sad farewell there, too.”

But everyone is excited about the change. “Our key clients, business partners and TBWA\South Africa have responded well to the news. I think they all know the ‘HDI way’ will be upheld. We are excited about HDI V3.0, and the challenge ahead!” concludes Catherine.

13 Jul 2016 11:32