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Shift - Your guide to greatness

Shift is all about helping you make the move towards greatness. So, consider it your cheatsheet to shifting your life to the next level. Standard Bank has, together with Africa's leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, put together some pretty 'kick-ass', self-motivating hacks to make sure your mind is set for success.
For any student, the university phase of life can be really stressful. Not only is it academically taxing but also a time when their lack of ‘real world’ experience comes to light. According to the Sunday Times Generation Next 2015 research survey, 35.6% of students feel uninspired at university. In some instances, it’s because they don’t have the right thought-provoking events that stimulate them as much as they would want. The study further states that 13.5% of them worry about finding a job.

Standard Bank and HDI, identified that need and developed a thought leadership and knowledge sharing platform for 18- to 23-year-olds that tours campuses, encouraging students to get amped up for a talk-of-a-lifetime event series called Shift.

Among the creative topics are nuggets of wisdom on how to be an entrepreneur in South Africa. “It’s without a doubt that we are growing a generation of entrepreneurs, doers and achievers, and by giving them the necessary tools to do so, I believe that we are pushing our youth in the right direction – empowering them with the necessary steps to become a successful entrepreneur,” said Bonolo Motsusi, Shift Account Manager at HDI Youth Marketeers.

The first of the activations took place at Boston Media House in Sandton, with mind-bending games and activities for the students to take part in, one of which was the opportunity to colour in a VW Up! car, using koki pens, which they stand a chance to win for a month at the exclusive event at the Hard Rock Café on Thursday, 21 April.

To get involved with the Shift programme, students around Gauteng are encouraged to register their personal details on the Shift Events SA Facebook page. They will be added to the Shift database and personally invited to the exclusive #ShiftYourCreativity event in Sandton.

The other activations will take place on Thursday, 7 April, at Wits University and Friday, 8 April, at Vega, preparing for the final Shift Your Creativity exclusive event taking place on Thursday, 21 April, at the Hard Rock Café in Sandton.

7 Apr 2016 12:46