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Once in a leap year, take the time to play!

Every four years, February gets an extra day. While most businesses just plough on through 29 February, this year, Africa's leading youth marketing agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, decided to make the most of it. They went out to play! Monday's goings-on were anything but "business as usual" as email out-of-office responses were set and T-shirt-and-takkie-clad staff set off to do extraordinary tasks, all inspired by the company's "Young hearts. Brave minds." credo.
The first team got hands-on with a woollen heart installation along the fence of Tlolohelo Primary School in Soweto. Despite the wool-burn on fingers and sunburn on shoulders, hearts were definitely warmed when the bell rang for break and the excited learners chanted songs of encouragement from behind the fence while the team worked. The end result was, well, heartwarming!

To bring the second half of the credo to life, the rest of team one’s day was spent getting their hands dirty while ‘guerrilla gardening’– planting flora in urban locations just to delight passers-by. Potholes were turned into potted plants, pavement cracks into planters, fire hydrants into vases and statues were given leafy Mohawks. All passers by’s double-takes were recorded – so, look out for the video!

The energetic in-field team took part in an amazing race challenge around Gauteng. The team had to listen attentively to HDI’s activations and roadshows because they had to re-enact some of the moves, apply the tactics and complete Q&As in order to get their next clue, and move to the next school! Deep immersion.

HDI’s third team took their ‘brave minds’ to the next level, as they spent their day in a three-part series of mind-energising brainstorms to take client campaigns to the next level this leap year. Overall, a special extra day well spent. Young hearts, brave minds.

3 Mar 2016 13:22