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HDI Youth launches a new non-profit company, HDI For Good

With its creed, doing good to create great, HDI For Good launched on Thursday, 29 October, at The Main Change, in Maboneng, Johannesburg. Inspired by its core vision to make meaningful, measurable and magical differences in the lives and fortunes of youth and families, Africa's leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, launched its non-profit company in partnership with Kliptown Youth Program.
Joined by the Miss Earth Ambassadors, the HDI For Good launch was a great success, a new change organisation with a clear focus on youth. Across South Africa, this causal passion will be powered by the extensive on-the-ground experience of its three directors: Thobile Mchunu-Chittenden (an avid activist and ex-Miss Earth Ambassador), Thulani Madondo (Director of The Kliptown Youth Program) and Jason Levin (Managing Director of HDI Youth Marketeers). The NPC works on developmental projects that help reassert a sense of hope in the future, and put the things in place required to make that happen.

"It's important for us to create a better earth for our children but I believe it's even more important for us to leave better children for our earth," said Thobile Mchunu-Chittenden, HDI For Good Director and Activist. "The youth of South Africa need to be empowered to do that and to be taught the skills and provided the tools to ensure that they are able to improve our country - enabling them to more past the clichés and really put their future in their hands," she added.

Based on the belief that commerce, and public-private sector partnerships, can be a force for good in the world, HDI For Good will work with companies to create a real and focused impact on our youth (and families) through education and leadership.

HDI For Good's programmes will align with the Global Goals, focusing on putting an end to 1. poverty and inequality; 2. enabling quality education, decent work and economic growth; 3. improving lives through good health and well-being, zero hunger, clean water and sanitation; and 4. through sustainability projects such as affordable, clean energy and climate action.

The NPC's service offering includes insight and research, strategy and project planning, platform development (programmes proactively created to meet a researched societal need), and bespoke programme execution and roll-out.

"There is an immense need for business, but all of us, to lend a hand wherever they can to uplift youth and their communities where basic needs aren't considered basic and necessities aren't always available," said Jason Levin, Director of HDI For Good. "HDI For Good will help service that need in a unique and vigorous way," he added.

HDI For Good already has exciting projects in the pipeline. Room 13 is an art studio environment that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to express themselves through any art form. The School Toilet Project aims to create awareness and impact around the epidemic of poor in SA schools, while fixing one bathroom at a time - with the support of sponsors, privileged schools, media and ordinary citizens and communities.

"I am quite excited to extend my KYP work through HDI For Good on this new journey, changing the world, bit by bit. Working within these communities, I know how much they need programmes like HDI For Good," says Thulani Madondo.

6 Nov 2015 09:58