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Do SA's celebs pee in the pool?

Well, South Africa's youth weren't shy to ask them, and confess if they do themselves, in the debut episode of YouthTube - South Africa's first youth-driven YouTube video series, brought to you by Africa's leading youth marketing agency, HDI Youth Marketeers. Our youth see the world, and our country, a little differently. From cute kid observations to brooding teen insights, 50% of South Africa is under 24, and they want to be heard. YouthTube is the place to hear and see their views, boos, chirps and cheers!
Do SA's celebs pee in the pool?
In celebration of Youth Day (16 June), the channel will launch the first episode at midnight on 15 June 2015. The launch episode puts five ZAlebs on the spot to find out just how 'youth-wise' they are - from the coolest slang words to how to take the most 'likeable' selfie. Expect to see socialite Farah Fortune; actor/producer, Akhumzi Jezile; model and TV presenter, Maps Maponyane; and Top Billing presenter, Roxy Burger, battle it out to win the coveted YouthTube 'You Know It' honours.

Jason Levin, Managing Director at HDI Youth Marketeers, said, "It's been a pet project we've been wanting to do for a while. There is no local YouTube channel or TV property that captures candid, magic, cutesy, down and dirty moments from South African kids and teens. That's our heartland, and that stuff can be hilarious. So now we're taking it a bit more seriously, and we're launching a YouTube channel to showcase those moments. And to celebrate Happy Youth Day!"

To catch the launch episode of YouthTube, click here.

15 Jun 2015 10:32