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Goodwood Primary School hosts Pick n Pay CEO at Showcase

With excitement on Richard Brasher's face, the Pick n Pay CEO spent his Thursday morning at Cape Town's Goodwood Park Primary School. The long anticipated Pick n Pay School Club Showcase, themed 'growing tomorrow's leader' expressed appreciation for the 12 years of support.
Richard Brasher, Pick n Pay CEO
Richard Brasher, Pick n Pay CEO
Since 2003, Pick n Pay School Club together with its 16 partners have been supplying educational resources to schools to assist with the classroom teaching. Pick n Pay CEO and Board Members also sat in the lessons, demonstrating how the teachers use the resources they provide to the schools to make learning more exciting and fun.

"With the 500 schools target in 2003, which sounded fairly ambitious, School Club, at the moment serves over 3,000 schools, reaching over 2 million learners. Which now continues happening at a much extended scale for about 200 school days a year", said Jason Levin, Managing Director of HDI Youth Marketeers, Africa's leading youth market specialist agency.

The event, hosted by YoTV Live presenter, Jessica Tims, created an exciting environment as the kids and the Pick n Pay clients were excited to be a part of. "My favourite part of today's event was when the Pick n Pay CEO did his speech! It was really inspiring", said 12-year-old Herschel Trussel, head boy at Goodwood Park Primary school.

As much as the kids were happy, it was an amazing experience for the Mr JA Steyl, Principal of Goodwood Primary School. "What a great day for our school's history! Pick n Pay is no longer a place where we need to go, Pick n Pay is coming to us", he said.

"We are proud to have been a part of the Pick n Pay School Club for many years and today's event has been so exciting! Especially for the learners. We would like to say thank you to Pick n Pay and all their sponsors", Steyl added.

"Today was just an amazing experience. It's great to have a platform like School Club, which allows Pick n Pay to deal with schools and provide them with educational resources, especially with regards to nutrition", said Richard Brasher.

"Today was so much more than what we expected! We've been part of the Pick n Pay School club for many years and some of the highlights for us was taking part in the Lucky Star cooking competition. Two years in a row the winning learners were from our school." said Mrs Esterhuizen, Teacher and Pick n Pay School Club Champion Teacher.

Hero Awards, which highlight the good deeds that kids do was amongst the fun filled ceremonies which took place, awarding four grade 2 learners and one grade 5 learner with awards, from helping grade 1s in the computer club every Tuesday after school, to a kind and caring learner. "I didn't expect to receive an award today! It was such a big surprise! Thank you Pick n Pay" said Grade 5 Learner, Litha Tofile.

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About Pick n Pay School Club

The Pick n Pay School Club is South Africa's largest brand funded education platform currently in its 12th year. Pick n Pay School Club provides much-needed educational support to 3,025 schools across the country and in so doing creates change in the lives of over 2.26 million learners and 105,875 educators.

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With 18 years of experience under the belt, HDI passionately helps brands make meaningful, measureable and magical differences in the lives and fortunes of the youth. HDI works really hard to connect brands to the youth for the mutual benefit of both. The company has developed specialist ways of connecting with this market in the schools, malls, communities and digital playgrounds of urban and rural South Africa. Since 2009, HDI has been doing the same thing in East and West Africa.

12 May 2015 10:06