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Ben 10 Omniverse stunt runs rings around Gauteng public

The screening of the new season of Ben 10: Omniverse took place at the Barnyard Theatre on Saturday, 31 August 2013.
Fans of the famous Cartoon Network character were treated to an afternoon of engaging Ben 10 activities before being ushered into the Barnyard Theatre to catch the much awaited screening of the first two episodes of the series!

The launch event was preceded by a thrilling media campaign which aimed at titillating conspiracy theorists, members of the media, and the ordinary public alike.

The campaign began with the strategic leaking of a mysterious photograph of a "real-life" crop circle discovery. A few days later, this was followed by an equally perplexing photograph taken by a local farmer who was "convinced that aliens had landed on his farm."

"The carefully crafted gimmick rolled out exactly according to plan," says Tamsyn Hughes, Magic Factory Manager for the Turner South Africa account - HDI Youth Marketeers.

She explains that it was quite a large effort to keep all the intricate elements of the roll out a secret. Although HDI Youth Marketeers is experienced in staging surprising and delighting campaigns that are effective in driving interest and intrigue, "It's always a challenge to make sure that nobody lets the cat out of the bag to ruin the surprise," she added.

In 2012 HDI orchestrated a similarly attention grabbing off-the-wall "UFO sighting" campaign to create hype around another Cartoon Network premiere.

The exclusive, invitation-only event was attended by die-hard Ben 10 fans, accompanied by their parents/guardians.

Tickets to the event were won through an online competition on which required viewers to answer a few very simple Ben 10 questions to stand a chance to win.

This exciting event was an astounding success according to kids and adults alike. "The children loved everything," says parent of Ben10 fan Mathew Ciorovich.

HDI Youth Marketeers is the proud local, license holder for a number of popular Cartoon Network character costumes in South Africa.

26 Sep 2013 13:35