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Build belief through brand narrative

Storytelling is as old as time and forms the very essence of humanity. From a very young age we make sense and experience life through stories. Indeed, narratives form an important link that provides context amidst the noise.

One thing that all good stories have in common is authenticity; the ability to portray characters and plotlines in a way that give them both longevity and a very real impact in our lives, whether fictional or based on true life experience.

So, why shouldn't storytelling transcend to today's fast-paced, always-connected world and more particularly play a crucial role in the way a brand engages people?

Enter the narrative and its ability to convey and establish a brand that rings true to its consumers. Based on the fundamentals of storytelling it can play an invaluable role in the way creatives develop and deliver communication messages and campaigns that go beyond the clutter in today's flooded marketplace.

Explains Ricardo Rocha, executive creative director at Etiket, an Irene-based, multi-award winning advertising agency:" A brand should be seen as a person that has a story to tell. People build their personalities through context which is the direct result of narrative that develops through their past, present and future.

"This is your story and what makes you unique. The ability to stay true to your story steers you away from superficiality and gives way to an individual that is authentic and the same should go for a brand."

Adds Tiaan Ras, strategic relationships director: "When developing a campaign for a brand we look at its story and what it has to tell. In essence we apply storytelling techniques to portray a brand's message that in turn resonates with its audience in a personal way. The key is to develop these brand narratives in a way that reaches all its targeted segments in a consistent manner through all the various media channels available today. A consistent brand narrative will therefore link together all the various messages in all the various channels."

The brand narrative therefore enables creatives to develop a campaign that is based on a unique story which in turn makes it a one-of-a-kind. It strengthens the authenticity of campaign.

"Brands that stay true to its core beliefs and values will have long-lasting brand narratives. It steers a campaign away from money-making superficiality and re-establishes a belief in a brand that is truly your own. Allowing your brand to tell its story it to innovate and carve out a path that is unique," comments Rocha.

Concludes Ras: "Good stories stand the test of time - this is evident through the re-imagining of so many fairytales and lore. Why not do the same for your brand; let it stand the test of time through its story that makes it unique and establishes it identity."

18 Dec 2012 11:17