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Etiket in 2012: Are you ready?

2012 is the year Etiket is going to start doing things a little differently. Even more brilliant work based and driven by three key pillars: conceptualisation, specialist executions and digital.

Whilst 2011 was the year Etiket first started to appear on the country's creative radar, 2012 will be the year we establish ourselves as a bona fide player; irreplaceable and unstoppable.


Etiket is very good at coming up with ways to help brands tell their stories and reach their targeted audience. A perfect example is some of the great concepts we produced in 2011. For we created an alternative reality around a storybook that took teenage reading to a new level.

Also, we harnessed the power of fans in an amazing crowd-sourcing and social media campaign to produce a completely unique music video for the local band, Wrestlerish.

And that is what excites us: pushing concept boundaries completely off the box. In 2012 we take this to the next amazing level, producing cutting-edge concepts that will position Etiket as the leading conceptual agency in the country.


Our concepts rock, but so does our execution. Just think back at the work we did for the Pendoring opening AVs, the Rapport TV Ad and the interactive content we created for the IDC/EDD's stand at COP17 in Durban, KZN.

In 2012 we will continue to move away from a generic execution model to a more specialist approach focussing on execution in the following areas: AV Production; Animation; Flash; and Interactive Development as well as specialist craft design. We are putting expert teams together that will be handling these execution areas.


Yes, we know that digital agencies are popping up at an alarming speed, to say the least, but we are passionate about the possibilities of digital. In fact, many of our most amazing concepts to date have made use of digital and social media.

So we are in the process of introducing a new member to the Etiket family: a fully-fledged digital and mobile agency. We are currently finalising the negotiations for a joint venture between Etiket and an amazing mobile and digital development company. The announcement will be made very soon.

Ultimately, in 2012, we will be taking our storytelling methodology to new heights, creating strong concepts and turning them into brilliant executions, while including digital wherever possible. And of course, we will continue to build long-term relationships and strong partnerships with our clients.

20 Mar 2012 14:04


About the author

Janhendrik Oosthuizen is Managing Director at Etiket.