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Etiket delivers the goods

#BetheFirst campaign a Bookmark Awards finalist

A thoroughly engaging online campaign entailing challenges, questions, clues and spot prizes to educate and inform consumers about the unique features of Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone, and at the same time increase sales, not only lured thousands of visitors to various online platforms, it also earned full service agency Etiket finalist status in the Bookmark awards.

Already boasting an array of industry awards, mostly for digital work, including a number of gold and silver Pendorings and Loeries, Etiket's Bookmark finalist, titled #BetheFirst, confirms the agency's growing status as a leading player in the digital/online space.

By focussing on the differentiating features of the Samsung Galaxy S5, such as the device's unlock screen, extended battery time, cover for accidental damage by handling (ADH), water-resistant and dustproof membrane, as well as the range of downloads and value-added services, Etiket was tasked to develop an impactful campaign running over nine days to engage consumers on a range of digital platforms - from Facebook and Twitter to rich media and mobile devices.

Each day a new feature, along with a question, was released on the different platforms. Correct answers were rewarded with a clue pertaining to the specific feature, say the battery saving mode, and the first person to unlock the screen received a spot prize.

"We focussed on two market insights: firstly, we learnt that people will stand in long queues for the latest phone. We needed to find a way to make it easier for them to lay their hands on the first Galaxy S5. Secondly, it was evident that people, just for the fun of it, are keen to unlock the screens of their friends' and families' phones. This inspired the competition mechanism which proved to be hugely popular," explains executive creative director Paul de Klerk.

The figures speak for themselves: the campaign generated more than 1.5 million online impressions and 500 000 microsite visits. Moreover, via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, these were shared more than 36,000 times in the nine days that the campaign ran.

Graphic designer EsteƩ Grobler says from the outset the brief posed a huge challenge in terms of target market reach and roll out amid industry clutter. However, to witness its evolvement and the extent to which consumers bought in and engaged, even mutually, particularly on social media platforms, was most satisfying.

"To meet the high standards of a technological pace-setter such as Samsung requires that we constantly need to think out of the box to raise - and cross - the bar. But ever since we joined forces with Samsung on the digital marketing side late in 2013, this was precisely what encouraged us to continuously push the envelope as far as possible ever," she adds.

Adds Etiket copywriter, Stefan van Staden: "From a copy perspective,the challenge was to create one message that would motivate the consumer to participate in the challenge, educate them about the Samsung S5's unique features and to achieve organic spread on social media.

"We examined all of the S5's unique features and the extent to which they can make life easier. We communicated this concept on our digital platforms and were happy to find that it facilitated consumer engagement. The creative work and copy on the microsite also presented the challenge to make the competition as straightforward and consumer-friendly as possible to ensure participation and click-throughs, but I think we got it right in the end."

12 Feb 2015 20:51