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75% of people excited about 2010 FIFA World Cup - but half are concerned about a terrorist attack

Three out of four people are excited about the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup - but a half are concerned about a terrorist attack. These are the results of two studies released by TNS Research Surveys, South Africa's leading marketing and social insights company. The two studies, conducted in September and November 2009, each amongst 2 000 adults living in metro areas, showed that, whilst there are strong differences in levels of excitement about the 2010 World Cup across different demographics, concerns about a possible terrorist attack show much less variation.
Looking at excitement levels in more detail
People were asked to agree or disagree with the statement “I am excited about the 2010 Soccer World Cup”. Whilst 76% agreed with this statement (19% disagreed and only 5% gave a “don't know” response), there is strong variation by race:
  • Agree - 76%
    • Blacks - 86%; whites - 45%; coloureds - 69%; Indians/Asians - 77%.
  • Disagree - 19%
    • Blacks - 9%; whites - 49%; coloureds - 25%; Indians/Asians - 19%.
For all race groups except Indians/Asians, females evinced lower levels of excitement (80% for males vs 72% for females). Younger people (those aged 18 to 24 years) are much more excited (86%) compared with older people (only 51% of those aged 60 years and more are excited). Possibly hoping for some spin-offs, unemployed people are also much more excited than others (82% vs 74%).

Looking at security fears in more detail
Here, people were asked to agree or disagree with the statement “I am concerned about the threat of a terrorist attack during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup”. Just over a half (51%) agreed with this statement, whilst 37% disagreed and 12% gave a “don't know” response. Demographic differences are much smaller here with no differences by age or gender being evident. There are some differences by city.
  • Agree - 51%
    • Blacks - 53%; whites - 58%; coloureds - 41%; Indians/Asians - 36%
  • Disagree - 37%
    • Blacks - 36%; whites - 28%; coloureds - 52%; Indians/Asians - 42%
Our take-out
Whilst there is no doubt that excitement is growing about the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup (and will almost certainly be enhanced by Friday's draw), half of adults have concerns about security and, specifically, the threat of a terrorist attack. Cape Town is the least excited city. Security concerns are highest in Bloemfontein, East London and Cape Town, and on the East Rand.

75% of people excited about 2010 FIFA World Cup - but half are concerned about a terrorist attack

Technical note
The studies were conducted amongst 2 000 adults (1260 blacks, 385 whites, 240 coloureds and 115 Indians/Asians) in the seven major metropolitan areas: they have a margin of error of under 2.5% for the results found for the total sample. The studies were conducted by TNS Research Surveys (Pty) Ltd as part of their ongoing research into current social and political issues and were funded by TNS Research Surveys. For more details, please contact Neil Higgs on 011-778-7500 or 082-376-6312.

About TNS
TNS, who recently merged with Research International, is the world's largest custom research agency delivering actionable insights and research-based business advice to its clients so they can make more effective business decisions. TNS offers comprehensive industry knowledge within the Consumer, Technology, Finance, Automotive and Political & Social sectors, supported by a unique product offering that stretches across the entire range of marketing and business issues, specialising in product development & innovation, brand & communication, stakeholder management, retail & shopper, and qualitative research. Delivering best-in-class service across more than 70 countries, TNS is part of Kantar, the world's largest research, insight and consultancy network. Please visit for more information.

The Kantar Group
The Kantar Group is one of the world's largest research, insight and consultancy networks. By uniting the diverse talents of more than 20 specialist companies - including the recently-acquired TNS - the group aims to become the pre-eminent provider of compelling and actionable insights for the global business community. Its 26,500 employees work across 80 countries and across the whole spectrum of research and consultancy disciplines, enabling the group to offer clients business insights at each and every point of the consumer cycle. The group's services are employed by over half of the Fortune Top 500 companies. The Kantar Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WPP Group plc. For further information, please visit

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