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Why Tuk Tuks offer better media value than 3 x 6 billboards

Guerrilla IMC, a niche outdoor media company specialising in building wraps and other high impact, head turning media, has chosen to grab hold of the media opportunity presented by the the burgeoning Tuk Tuk fleets on SA's roads. As the media partner to the first Tuk Tuk operator in SA, The Monarch Tuksi Co in Cape Town, Guerrilla has been involved in this innovative media solution since its inception, and have positioned themselves as the Tuk Tuk media experts, contracting all major Tuk Tuk operators across the country bar one.

Tuk Tuks offer a unique form of out-of-home advertising, with branded canopies and full body wraps forming the main communication thrust.

Media space is available nationwide and is a clutter busting alternative to the standard outdoor spend of most brands these days on 3x6 rotating package.

Guerrilla's three part Tuk Tuk offering is unique and consists of:

  • High Impact Outdoor Media,
  • Mobilephone Research
  • Product testing/sales

All for rental equivalent to 3m x 6m billboards, but with a higher impact due to the unique nature of the vehicles that carry the advertising.

With Tuk Tuk Media, advertisers receive massive PR exposure across TV, Radio, Newspaper and Web as the branded canopies are used to create product awareness, drive sales and stand out in a unique manner, but you can also use cellphone-based Instant Research in the Tuk Tuks to receive feedback on the advertising, your product, consumers views, etc., etc.

Tuk Tuks have taken off in South Africa due to people getting sick and tired of being over charged by metered taxis for short distance travel as well as being a cheerful, playful and fun way to get around. Tuk Tuks continue to bring a smile to the faces of people nationwide, both those travelling in them and those seeing them. Tuk Tuks are always on the move, meaning reach and frequency of the advertising is increased and fatigue is limited.

Besides being a unique three-facted communication solution, Tuk Tuks offer additional opportunities to engage with consumers inside the Tuk Tuk, which can include playing your radio ads, drivers wearing branded T-shirts, in-vehicle branding, in-vehicle hand-outs as well as tablets in vehicle for customer interaction (e.g. video, gaming, etc.).

All these benefits offer massive ROI to clients and could be taken advantage of at the similar rates as their 3 x 6 spend! Read more on the success of Tuk Tuks as an OOH media for King Cone here.

Matthew Palmer, Director Advanced Assault Ops at Guerrilla IMC, adds: "Clients will be able to make a massive statement over their competitors by moving the goalposts and their spend to Tuk Tuk Media. In turn taking advantage of the massive benefits offered by this unique media and by default receiving unrivalled PR exposure as a matter of course, which would not have been the case with traditional billboards. Just look at the Nestlé campaign which achieved R5 million worth of PR exposure for King Cone.

The vehicles are unlike anything you'll see anywhere in the city. The major routes serviced results in major exposure for your brand/product.

To find out more, contact Matthew Palmer, Director of Advanced Assault Ops:
082 854 7709
Office: 011 021 8348

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20 Jun 2013 09:41