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Uber and Pizza Hut cash in with Guerrilla IMC's location-targeted ATM Media

Out-of-home media specialists Guerrilla-IMC recently launched their ATM Media Division in partnership with South Africa's premier third-party ATM service providers. Following an extensive launch to the media and marketing industry, the first client campaigns recently went live.
Uber and Pizza Hut cash in with Guerrilla IMC's location-targeted ATM Media

Guerrilla IMC uses sophisticated geo-targeting technology to target specific demographics and areas by ‘Geo-fence’ and this was one of the key selling points for initial advertisers Uber and Pizza Hut.

Private driver app Uber, one of the tech world’s biggest global success stories, recognised the innovative targeting methods used by Guerrilla–IMC and included the platform in its Uber cash campaign running over the festive season. The campaign is only relevant in areas that Uber is available – ATM Media’s location-targeting clearly ticked this box.

Like Uber, Pizza Hut have very specific areas they needed to target for their current offering which is a store specific deal. Guerrilla first identified the relevant stores, and then cross-referenced these with ATM locations that fit the demographics of the specific offer. As the ATM user is drawing cash, a product and price retail offer is highly relevant.

The Guerrilla IMC ATM Media screen provides a highly attentive consumer for a solid 17 seconds, in the right location to act on the client’s message. Out-of-home media strategy is always heavily influenced by location. Guerrilla IMC’s location targeting platform, combined with their holding of almost 8,000 screens make this a powerful new media platform. For more information, get in touch with Simon Allenberg at az.oc.cmi-allirreug@nomis or 082 463 0599.

The Guerrilla IMC ATM holding by the numbers:

  • Over 7,500 screens nationally (300 Namibia and 60 Zambia).
  • 11,500,000 transactions/views per month.
  • R42bn withdrawn in 2015 from the ATM media holding.
  • One transaction every four seconds across the holding.
  • 90% of ATMS are in FMCG and retail locations.
  • 22.5 million bank users in South Africa

19 Dec 2016 11:09