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Engaging the urban audience at street level

Mr Price Denim briefed us to help them reach the hip, Joburg youth market and tap into the optimistc energy that's pouring into the streets of Braamfontein and the surrounding areas.

Opening an exclusive "pop-up shop" in Juta street, Braamfontein, the epicentre of the Jozi urban renewal, was the perfect way to reach this audience, but how do we get people into the store? How do we get them to know the store even exists? We needed an unusual and highly visible solution, and we needed results fast because pop-up stores by their nature have a very limited shelf life. Enter Guerrilla IMC...

Our solution was a collaboration with digital marketing pioneers Vicinity Media and start up transport company Jik'eJozi Tuk Tuks. Together we gave the people of Jozi what they need most, and at the same time and an opportunity to interact with the brand every day.

Our concept was to offer free Tuk Tuk rides from Johannesburgs' most vibey areas - Braamfontein, Maboneng, Marshalltown, Newtown and Doornfontein to the Pop Up Shop. We fitted each vehicle with a powerful mobile Wi-Fi router which offered free internet access. We then delivered location based messaging onto the free Wi-Fi landing pages communicating the one of a kind fashions available at the store. Users could log onto the free Wi-Fi, get a location based message from Mr Price, then use the free WIF to hail a nearby Tuk Tuk and grab a free ride to the shop. Free transport and free Wi-Fi - it was no surpise that Mr Price had an instant hit on its hands. The popularity of the ride into store was such that we had to start booking clients in advance for their free trips from all over the CBD. Within five days we we're averaging well over 100 trips a day.

The Tuk Tuks and the sponsored Wi-Fi solution meant Mr Price literally owned the streets of Braamies for the month of May.

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22 Sep 2015 12:08